TOEFL Vocabulary List

Where Can You Find the Best Wordlists for TOEFL

Why Do You Need Word Lists for TOEFL?

This is one of the most widely used tests to assess test takers proficiency in English. You may need to take the test if you plan to study in an English-speaking country. This is a test that will assess your ability to communicate in the English language. It will test your comprehension of the written and spoken word, and your skill in presenting information by speaking and writing in English. This is why your grasp over the meaning and usage of words is so important, if you are planning to take this test. One very good way to learn new words is to use a vocabulary list. Many such lists are available online, free of cost. This article will provide you with links and tell you the best way to use a vocabulary list.

Where to Find the Best Word Lists for TOEFL

The following links will give you some of the best word lists available online:

  1. site provides a good vocabulary list that you can use to begin with. It contains a long list of words that frequently appear in the test. The words are accompanied by their meaning, their roots, prefixes and suffixes and part of speech. All this can improve your comprehension of the words. Examples are also provided in the form of sentences that illustrate how the word is to be used. Exercises are also provided in which you can attempt to define the words yourself and then check your answers.
  2. is another good place to begin your study of words for the test. This site also gives the meaning and use of each word. There are exercises that test how well you remember what you have learnt. You can download the exercises and use them directly on your computer or in print form.
  3. site offers more than 500 words of the type that are likely to appear in the test. This site can be useful if you have already studied quite a lot of words, and are aiming to enlarge your vocabulary further.
  4. link can be used in a similar way to the previous one, by adding to your vocabulary list.

How to Use Word Lists

You can get a good list of vocabularies easily from the internet but you also must use it well. Learn not just the meaning of the words but their use as well. Some words may be used in more than one way. Some words may appear similar but have completely different meanings. You can dedicate a certain portion of your preparation time each day to the study of new words. It is better not to learn too many each day, but to limit the number to four or five new words. On the last day of each week, you could revise the words you learnt that week. This way, you can improve your recall of the words.

Other Methods to Improve Your Vocabulary

Although, using a vocabulary list is one of the most popular methods used by students to prepare for the test, there are other effective methods too. Reading books, newspapers and other similar material can enhance your vocabulary. Use a dictionary to find the meanings of new words you encounter as you read. Make a list of these words, along with their meanings and examples.

Obtaining and using a vocabulary list is, no doubt, one of the best ways to learn the words that you can expect to come across in the test. However, you must use the list in such a way that you get the maximum benefit from it. You could also read books and other sources of literature in order to add to the words you learn from word lists