TOEFL Exam Fee

What Do You Pay for TOEFL and How?

TOEFL is the acronym for the Test of English as a Foreign Language. The test is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). This test is administered in two different formats, namely the TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test) and the TOEFL PBT (Paper-based Test).


The exam fee depends upon the format of the test you take. The iBT is taken widely across the world. The PBT is administered in the areas where there are no sufficient internet facilities. Therefore, in order to know the exam cost, you must first know the type of test format available in your location. You may refer to the following link to know the test format administered in your location:

On the above page, there will be a dropdown that has a list of countries. You must select the country in which you wish to take the test. Then, you will be provided all the details pertaining to the test format administered in your test location. You will be able to know the exam cost, the test dates and the cities in which the test is administered.

What are TOEFL iBT Test Fees and How Do You Pay?

The fee for the iBT format depends upon the country in which you take the test. For the PBT format it remains constant for all the test takers worldwide. There are some other important fee details that you must know. Late registration costs you an extra fee amounting to US $35. Rescheduling your test costs you an extra fee of US $60. You can prefer to pay the fee by credit/debit cards, electronic checks or by registration vouchers or pay by paper checks. The ETS does not accept payments made via demand drafts, post-dated checks, receipts for bank checks and UNESCO coupons. You may refer to the following link to view the instructions to be followed while you use any particular payment mode:

What are TOEFL PBT Test Fees and How Do You Pay?

The exam fee for the PBT format is the same for all the test takers. It is US $160. There are many different options of payment for the test takers. You can use your credit/debit card or send the fees via an international money order. You can use authorised voucher, make the payment via international bank draft or use Western Union Quick Pay service and internationally valid UNESCO coupons. Euro checks or checks written in favour of ETS-TOEFL can also be used. Moreover, ETS accepts four different currencies apart from the US Dollar. They include the British Pound, the Canadian Dollar, the Euro and the Japanese Yen. You can even request for the remittance of your fee. For knowing all the related details, you may refer to the following link:

There are certain other services that ETS provides to the senior high school test takers hailing from the USA. You may avail the Fee Reduction Service provided that you are eligible. You will have to download the fee reduction voucher request form and apply for this service. On the links provided above, you will also find the fee details pertaining to other services like obtaining additional score reports which cost US $17 for each individual PBT score recipient, the PBT rescore costs you US $ 25. Likewise, you can find costs for other services like essay rescore and returned personal check etc. You must note that the costs vary for both the iBT and the PBT test formats. It is very important for you to go through every detail pertaining to the fee structure. You must then register for the exam.

For you to apply for the test, you must first visit the official website run by the ETS. In the official website, you can find all the information regarding the registration, the eligibility criteria, information about institutes accepting the test’s scores, test information and more. Refer to the following link to visit the official website of the TOEFL: