Test Schedule for THEA

All about THEA Testing Dates and Locations

The THEA is an entry-level assessment for many first-year college students in the state of Texas. It is designed to evaluate the academic skills of these students and determine if they are ready for college-level coursework. This article reviews important details regarding the available testing dates and sites for both test formats; namely THEA Quick (paper-based) and THEA IBT (internet-based) tests.

The Test Dates and Locations for THEA Quick Test:

The THEA Quick test can be taken at any one of the 122 test sites in the state of Texas. These sites are either university or community-college campuses in that state. The administration of this test is governed individually by these institutions. Hence, they are open to publish their own convenient testing schedules. While most of these sites allow testing at-least once or twice a month, the testing schedule differs widely amongst them. Depending on the test site that you choose, the following options may be available to you for registration:

  1. 1 or 2 Testing dates per month or year
  2. 1 or more Testing dates per week
  3. At the end of each semester or every quarter
  4. 1 or more Testing dates each semester
  5. During student registration & course-orientation sessions
  6. Only in certain months of the academic year
  7. Upon request or as-needed basis
  8. When contacted or on an appointment-basis
  9. On special request & for group tests

The candidates must first check to see if the colleges they have applied in are authorized test sites. If your college is not a THEA Quick test site, you could select a convenient site and test date from the list of available test sites. To see the complete list of the test centers, along with their testing dates, you may click on – www.thea.nesinc.com/TA_QT_TestSites.asp.

The Test Dates and Locations for THEA IBT Test:

Currently, the IBT test can be taken in one of the 14 IBT centers in the state of Texas. Besides these 14 regular test centers (which happen to be either colleges or universities), there are 7 special testing centers in Texas for the students who have enrolled in certain educational development programs. To view a list of these IBT test sites, you may visit this link – www.thea.nesinc.com/TA_IBTtestsites.asp. In order to take this version, you must be enrolled in one of these colleges as a student or must be part of certain special educational initiatives. To determine if you are eligible to take this test, you must contact the institutions listed in the above-mentioned link personally.

The official website does not publish a schedule for IBT test sites. Each college/university in this list may publish its own schedule on its official website. However, many of these test sites have a dedicated computer-based testing center and administer the IBT test every working day of the week, mostly during working hours of the day. To learn about the schedule of the test dates for each IBT center, please visit the center’s official website or contact them by phone.

Thus far, we have reviewed the important details regarding the available testing dates and sites. It is important to note that the selection of a testing date is dependent upon 3 main factors; namely, how quickly you would need to take this test (which is based on your college admission deadlines), a convenient location and/or a convenient date and time. Hence, you must review these factors and then make the right choice. For more information on the registration process, you may visit the official website – www.thea.nesinc.com.