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The THEA is taken by all students who are living in Texas and are moving from school to college or university. Hence, it is imperative to prepare well for this test, which has three sections: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. This article assesses each of the three most popular study guides available on the internet. Depending on the individual assessment of each of these study guides, you can choose whether you want to use it or not.

Review of Study Guides

There are many sources from where you can get practice material for test prep; however, study guides are an ultimate source for the preparation. The biggest reason is that these contain a lot of practice questions on each section and also contain practice tests at the end. Most of the study guides that are reviewed here can be purchased online by going to the website You may also consider the evaluation for each guide given by previous users and then take a call. Here are the reviews of the most popular THEA study guides:

    1. Barron’s THEA: The Texas Higher Education AssessmentYou can purchase this book online by visiting the link The list price for it is 18.99$; however, at this link, the book is available only for 11.95$.

      This book is written by Janet Elder, Sandra J McCune, Nancy J Wright, Andres Taggart and Kathleen Cage Mittag. The following are the features of this study guide:

      • This book contains a full-length diagnostic test that you can take before starting your preparation. This diagnostic test is followed by the answer keys and detailed explanations.
      • All the three sections or subject areas i.e. Reading, Writing and Mathematics are extensively covered in this study guide.
      • At the end, there is one full-length practice test that you can give at the end of your preparation. There are answer keys given for this test along with the detailed answer explanations.
    1. The Official THEA Study GuideIn order to purchase this book on the internet, you can visit the link You can purchase this book by paying 19.23$ online. This book is written by Inc National Evaluation Systems. The following are the important characteristics of this study guide:
      • This is the official study guide and is composed by the company that develops the THEA.
      • There are detailed chapters in this book that contain instructions on all the skills that are needed in order to pass this test. Each of these chapters contains a number of practice questions.
      • At the end, there is one full-length practice test provided in it that will give you a good practice before you appear for the actual exam.
  1. REA’s THEA Study GuideThis study guide can be bought online by visiting the link This book is available only for 17.73$ online. It is written by Ellen Davis Conner, Jocelyn Chadwick Joshua, George P Parks, Robert Blake Truscott and Clara Wajnqurt.

    The following are the important features of this study guide:

    • There are various chapters dedicated to each of the three sections i.e. Reading, Writing and Mathematics in this book. Each chapter contains many practice drills and exercises.
    • There are two full-length practice tests at the end to help you go through the entire test with all sections. You must practice using these once you have thoroughly completed your preparation. These practice tests are followed by detailed answer explanations for all the questions.
    • There is a customized study schedule that comes with this study guide and a lot of strategies and tips are given so that you can use these to score high in this test.

Hence, it can be asserted at the end that it is you who has to decide which study guide you want to use for the test prep. For doing this, you need to go through an extensive assessment of each study guide and then make an informed decision regarding the guide you will use for the prep. Thus, go through the links that have been mentioned above and also go through customer reviews regarding these study guides. After considering all the factors such as the explanatory content, amount of exercise drills and questions, practice tests etc you should purchase a study guide and start your preparation right away!