THEA Test Preparation

THEA is a test of skills of students that are considered essential for college success. Students on the brink of their college life are probably baffled with such standardized exams and they generally wonder about the ‘skills’ tested in these exams. They wonder if they possess these skills and if they will be able to take the test as is expected from first year college graduates. Such feelings are normal. However, what should put all such doubts to rest is the fact that THEA is a trainable exam. It clearly outlines the content of the test and the skills asked in it. Hence, with preparation you can acquire these skills and put up an impressive application.

Preparing for the test is a process of learning the skills required to take the test. It gives you the opportunity to improve yourself to the extent that you can emerge as a student that all colleges will be glad to provide admission to.

Features of THEA that Require Preparation

  1. Test Structure and Instructions – One needs to understand the structure of the test during preparation. This helps in keeping focus and also brings up the confidence levels of students.  Hence, preparation is required in terms of understanding the types of questions, time taken to answer each question, instructions to be followed during the test etc.

Preparation Required – Collect the information from authentic sources like the official sources, and make sure you read all about the test. Incorporate your learning of the test into your preparation plans and prepare a schedule according to the requirements of the test.

  1. Reading Test – In the Reading test, questions are based on certain given passages. It is not possible to answer the questions asked in this test without preparation since the answer options are generally confusing. Hence, even when you feel that you have understood the passage, when you go through the questions and their answer options, you are bound to doubt your interpretations. Moreover, students need preparation since the questions cover a large number of skills.

Preparation Required – The Reading test should be prepared for by making conscious efforts of reading and understanding any reading material that you come across. Make sure to go through the newspapers, magazines, books etc and attempt exercises based on them.

  1. Mathematics Test – Students are generally jittery to take this section. This is because the Mathematics test requires rigorous mental activity and accuracy. The Mathematics test is challenging due to the syllabus that is included in it. Although you are allowed the use of simple calculators and are also provided with appropriate formulas to solve the questions, you can make the best use of them only if you know how to use them.

Preparation Required –The best practice for the Mathematics content is to practice enough sample questions to cover all the content areas. Make sure you don’t leave out any content area and practice relevant questions on a regular basis to have a command over them. Moreover, the questions you practice should include word problems that require application of problem solving and reasoning skills.

  1. Writing Test – Performing well in the Writing section, especially in the essay writing section is essential not only for passing but also for scoring well in it. A good attempt in both parts of the Writing section not only helps you to pass it without difficulty but also helps you to attain the edge that one aims for.

Preparation Required – In order to prepare for the Writing section, you need to concentrate equally on the Writing sample and multiple-choice questions. Hence, you need to practice skills like understanding sentence structure, usage and mechanics, and recognize the elements of composition like organization and unity. You need to develop a habit of finding out the main idea behind a piece of writing and the purpose of writing. These skills will also help you in writing your essay. However, it is best to hand practice for the essay writing question so that you improve your flow of ideas and words.

  1. Test Taking Strategies – THEA not only requires polishing up mental skills, but it also is a test that needs to be dealt with smartly. There are things which done in a certain manner result in better chances of scoring well than done in another way. Such strategies need to be learnt and practiced during preparation.

Preparation Required – The preparation of tips and strategies includes collecting as many tips as possible from books, ex-students and coaching classes. You can also make your own strategies as you practice for the THEA. Make a list of these tips and practice them during practice test sessions. However, do not try out new tricks during the actual test before practicing them during preparation.

Tips for Preparation

It is during preparation that you learn tricks and tips for taking the test well. Some of these tips are as follows.

  1. Don’t resort to cramming during preparation. Instead indulge in some mental activity by understanding the concepts and underlying meanings.
  2. Start preparing about three months in advance.
  3. Chalk out a suitable study plan that includes learning time and time for revision.
  4. Make educated guesses by eliminating incorrect answers to arrive at the answer options.
  5. Answer all questions since your marks are not deducted for incorrect answers.
  6. Divide the testing time according to the sections you are appearing for in order to have enough time to complete the test. You need to answer about 135 multiple choice questions as well as the writing sample if you are taking all the three test sections. Hence, move on to the next question if you are stuck somewhere to avoid wasting time.
  7. Make sure to fill in the bubble properly. Taking the test neatly will help you score since the multiple-choice questions are scored electronically, and a scribble will not be recognized to give you a point.

Assistance for Preparation

You can find assistance for THEA preparation in the form of books, online courses, coaching institutes etc. You need certain tools to succeed in the test which are not only suitable to your learning style but also provide authentic material. A little research in this respect can help you to find the perfect tools. While there are many reliable coaching classes, books and courses, the official sources of preparation are also extremely reliable preparation tools.

Official Tools for Preparation

THEA Test Preparation Quick Reference Guide

This guide contains test preparation guidelines like strategies to take the test and sample test questions. For better understanding of the test, it explains the test and the skills tested in it in detail. This preparation guide also provides you with guidelines to prepare a study plan and can be viewed and downloaded from the official website,

Practice Test

The full-length practice test is available free of cost for students appearing the test. There are questions of all the three sections along with a description of the guidelines to be followed in order to answer these questions. Students can record their performance on a skill evaluation chart provided along with the answer key. This can help in mapping their ability level and identifying the areas that need refinement.

The Official Test Study Guide

It is possible to order for this descriptive official study guide and benefit from the detailed instructions and sample questions that it provides. This study guide not only contains a question bank of all types of questions, but also contains a full length practice test with answer key and answer explanations.
You will receive your copy within three weeks of ordering. It can be purchased for $20. The Official THEA Test Study Guide is also available in audio recording to help the students who are visually impaired or dyslexic.

A Word of Caution

When you plan to take THEA, you need to keep away from all other engagements so that you can give your best to preparation. It is your focus and efforts during preparation that contribute towards forming a strong background for taking the test.