Registering for TExES

Steps to be Taken for Registration for TExES

The TExES tests are certification exams designed to assess the knowledge and capabilities of entry-level educators in Texas. These tests are designed by a group of experienced teachers, educators and test administrators and are monitored by the Texas Educator agency, along with the participation of the School Board for Educator Certification. These tests are administered by an organization called ETS in several test centers in and outside Texas. Along with the other technicalities of the test, all test applicants must understand the multistage registration process before they decide to sit for any test under TExES. This article will provide its readers with a step-by-step guide to this process.

A Step-By-Step Guidebook to the Registration Process:

Step #1: Get Your Test Approval
A prerequisite to this process is to get an approval for the tests of a candidate’s choice. The approval comes from different sources based on the type of certifications requested or the profile of the candidates, as listed below:

  • Most entry-level educator candidates are required to have completed an Educator preparatory program (EPP) or teacher training program to obtain an educator certification. Such candidates must therefore receive an approval from their EPP or training program for the certifications that they are applying for. To learn more about a list of already approved EPPs or to know more about EPPs in general, you may visit the official website of TEA –
  • All teachers from states other than Texas or countries outside the U.S, who are applying for teacher certifications in Texas, must receive an approval from TEA before applying for this exam. This can be done by creating an educator profile on the TEA website, then completing an application form and sending all the necessary documents to TEA by mail. At the end of this process, TEA will mail the list of approved certifications to the candidates.
  • The candidates, who already have a Texas Teacher certification and are looking to add certifications in specific subjects to their career profile, must acquire a qualifications statement from a respective EPP program or from their Texas school district administration. Following these steps, the TEA will issue an approval for the tests that these candidates may be interested in.
Step #2: Create a TEA Account
Before you begin the registration process, you must first identify the ID documents that you will produce on the actual day of the test. This is important to create a TEA account. While you create this account, you must enter your full name exactly as per your preferred ID document. You may create a TEA account at While you are creating the account, you are required to fill your profile and personal information accurately. At the end of this step, you will receive a TEA id that will be emailed to your registered email id.
Step #3: Create an ETS Account
An ETS account may be created via the following methods – online, phone or mail. To create an online ETS account, click on this link – If you are applying by mail, you must send across a paper registration form with all your relevant details. Irrespective of the method used, all the information given in this step must match with the details you have provided while creating a TEA account in the previous step. While creating an ETS account, you will also need to provide your TEA id.

Step #4: Register for Your Test

Through your ETS account, you may register for approved paper-based tests either online, by email or by phone. Also, through the same ETS account, you may register online or by phone for approved computer-based tests. However; before registering, you must review the available test dates, fees and registration deadlines; namely early, late and emergency registration deadlines. After reviewing all this information, you may select a particular test date or test window and test session in a preferred test location. When the registration is complete, you will receive an admission ticket that you will need to produce on the actual day of testing. To view a list of test dates, fees and registration deadlines, please visit this link –

Step #5: Reschedule or Cancel Your Test Registration

You may reschedule or cancel your registration through your ETS account. In both cases, you will need to pay an appropriate processing fee. If you send in a cancellation request in less than 3 days before your test appointment, you will not receive any refund. However, if you cancel prior to that, you will receive a full refund.

In conclusion, we hope this article provides you with an easy-to-understand registration guide and makes your registration effort a lot simpler. Good luck to everyone who is registering for the test!