Seven Steps to TExES Readiness

Prepare for the TExES in 7 Steps

The TExES or Texas Examinations of Educator Standards is a tough exam that is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to identify future teachers for the Texas Public Schools. Your preparation must be thorough if you want to ace the test. There are more than 60 subjects offered in the exam. Whatever subject you choose for certification, the following points will help you in your preparation:

  1. Learn about the test- The most important step in your planning is to understand the test format. Once you know the details about the test, the preparation gets simple and there will be no surprises in the exam hall. You can use the format of the test to plan the preparation methodology.
  2. Collect study materials- The next crucial step is to identify and collect all the materials that are required for the test preparation. Basically, there are three preparation methodologies: self-study, group-study and professional help. All the methods have advantages and disadvantages. Based on your attitude, you have to choose the methodology that is best for you. Though each one of you may follow a different preparation technique, good books and study materials are the backbone for any preparation methodology. Try to read user reviews before you purchase a book. If the book is expensive, two or three of you can buy the book and share it.
  3. Identify your level of knowledge- The TExES is not a competitive exam and the selection is based on the scores you attain. Therefore, take up a diagnostic test and identify your level of knowledge and where you stand on a scale compared to what is expected from you. The diagnostic test will also help you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Plan a schedule- Based on your strengths and weaknesses and the level of your knowledge, draft a study schedule and follow it. Plan your schedule such that it is doable and do not overestimate yourself and pack your day with study hours. Also, allot a few hours every week for relaxation activities. Kindly review your plan once in two or three days and if you are lagging behind, try to compensate it in the best possible manner.
  5. Hard work- As the adage goes, ‘there is no substitute for hard work’. Working hard is the only solution to achieving your goal of becoming a teacher. Apart from studying, you must summarize and jot down important points that you can use for refreshing your memory. These points can also be used for your last-minute revisions.
  6. Practice tests- ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ and therefore, try to practice as many tests as possible. This will help you in planning your time and you will also get familiar with the types of questions asked in the test. After taking up a practice test, review it and learn from your mistakes such that you do not repeat them. Try to take up at least 2 practice tests per week. This is a very important step because this will help you directly during the exam.
  7. Relax your mind- However much you study, if your mind is not relaxed, you will not be able to perform to your best ability in the exam. You can follow relaxation techniques like meditation to calm your mind. A calm and relaxed mind can understand and learn better than a stressed mind. Apart from following the above-mentioned relaxation techniques during the preparation time, get a good night’s sleep before the test date so that your mind will be fresh during the exam. The test duration is 5 hours and therefore your mind and body have to be fit.


The above-mentioned points are basic points that will help you in preparing for the test. A step-by-step and structured approach to preparation can assist you in the TExES as well as any other examination that you take in life. It is a proven fact that those candidates who follow these simple yet effective points, fare very well in the examination.