Selecting a Date for TExES

Choosing the Right Date for Taking TExES

A very important aspect while gearing up to take the TExES is to learn about the dates well in advance, register for the test on time, and plan and prepare for it. With different formats of the test being administered and different testing windows available, it is always wise to get your facts right. In this article, you may also find some tips to choose the right dates for yourself.

TExES Dates and Registration Deadlines

As like any other competitive and evaluative test, the TExES tests also come with a set of well-laid out guidelines and rules for conducting and taking the tests. There are test taking requirements such as who are eligible to take these tests, a well-defined test framework with stated objectives, and registration rules and exam dates set for these tests. Here are some interesting facts and pointers about the test dates:

  • The testing period and dates change according to the format of the test. While the paper-based tests (PBTs) are administered only during certain testing windows, some of the computer-aided tests (CATs) are available as continuously tested administrations and as limited administrations.
  • Late registrations are allowed for PBT with an additional fee. Also, Emergency registrations are allowed even after the late registration dates, but with an additional amount of fee.
  • To register for PBT, the emergency registration deadlines are the last dates available.
  • For CAT, test dates differ based on if they are continuous administrations or limited administrations.
  • For CAT, as the seats are allocated on the basis of availability, it is important that candidates register early enough to get the required dates.
  • Registrations for continuous administrations of CAT are open till two days prior to the test date.

For more information on the TExES exam dates, you may refer to the official test website (

For constructed response, limited administration CAT dates /schedule, you may refer to the official test website. For the dates of continuously offered TExES CAT tests, refer to the Online Registration system ( You may need to sign up or have TEA and TExES accounts to register for the test.

Selecting the Correct Date

With so many dates available to choose from and take your test on, how do you choose the right test date for yourself? What are the parameters or factors to look at while choosing a TExES date? Listed here are a few pointers that can help you with this task:

  • As many TExES tests are available in both PBT, CAT formats, and the test dates differ accordingly, it is important that you first learn about the particular test you need to take up. For instance, if you are going to take up a CAT limited period administration test, you may need to register early enough to grab a seat on the day you wish. For continuous basis tests, you may find many dates and you may choose the one convenient for you when you register online.
  • If you need to give a PBT test, you may need to plan ahead for taking the test, as there are only two test dates available every year.
  • Rescheduling is a possibility with TExES. However, if you are taking up a PBT administration, then any changes should be done before the Emergency Registration deadlines for each test date. Hence, be sure of what you want. With limited administration CAT tests, you may need to make any changes/rescheduling well within the registration window only.
  • Registering for continuously offered CAT administrations may be easier. However, be sure to check up ahead and book your seats, as seating is done only on the basis of availability.
  • Scores are available on the reporting date as mentioned in the Registration bulletin. However, ensure that you choose your test date so that you have your scores ready when you need them/ in time.

To summarize, choosing the right test date will not a very difficult task, if you go over all the relevant facts carefully and plan accordingly. The pointers given above may be of help to you when you plan for the test and finalize a date. In any case, it is critical that you choose a date that gives you ample time for preparation.