Preparing For The LSAT

This test consists of five sections based on multiple-choice questions. These sections are Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing and Experimental section. Each section of the test is made up of about 24-26 questions. Time allotted for the essay section is 30 minutes and for the rest of the sections are 35 minutes. Let us look at each section briefly.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning section of test is designed to judge one’s abilities to understand and analyze a given argument and to draw conclusions from it logically. The questions are generally based on an argument. This argument is taken from different sources like newspapers, articles and speeches. To answer this section well one must try to understand the given statement clearly. Then you need to find out what is being presumed for such a statement. One must try to co-relate the given information to support this statement. Now when you read the question and answer choices you can find out the logical relations or contradictions among them. This will lead to the answer which has the strongest relation with the question. Representing the given statement in a diagrammatic form can speed up your answering.

Analytical Reasoning

The second section is based on analytical reasoning. This section is designed to test your abilities in applying a set of rules or guidelines to a given situation and draw inferences from it. Here most of the questions are based on logic games. This section provides you with events and a set of rules to guide the relation among them. Questions are asked based on ordering or grouping of these elements. The best way to practice for this section is by practicing logic games and puzzles. You may find them from various sources like newspapers, magazines and books. Use of sketches while solving such questions can speed up your answering.

Reading Comprehension

The next section for the test is reading comprehension. This section is designed to test your skills in understanding a scholarly text. As the name suggests the best way to practice this section is through reading. One should read about various subjects like law, arts, humanity and life sciences.

Essay Writing

The essay writing section of the test is designed to judge your abilities to organize the given information, structure your thoughts and put forth your ideas in written English. Here you need to understand the given situation and take a stand. Your essay must back up your decision in a logical and strongest way. Practicing essay writing is the best way to prepare for this section. Once you have read the given information clearly, try to jot down the key points of it on a piece of paper. Compare the given stands against the facts available and you will get an idea to choose your stand.