Process of Signing Up for GRE

Step-By-Step GRE Sign Up Guide

GRE Registration:

The General Record Examination or GRE is a standardized entrance exam for prospective graduate students, who wish to seek admission in academic institutions of their dreams. The GRE Revised General test and Subject Test, conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) officials, are available at more than 700 test centers in about 160 countries. You can take the computer-based test at almost any time of a year. However, you are offered the test thrice in a year for the paper-based format at places where the computer-based format is not available. You can start your sign up process for both the computer-based test and paper-based test through your My GRE Account. You will also need a credit/debit card for initiating the sign up process. In the following sub-headings, we shall learn about the basic steps for registration:

Step 1: Create a My GRE Account

In the initial stage, you have to create a free My GRE Account, using your identification details and a valid email address. Click at and start your sign up process. Once you have registered your name, your username and password are sent to your email address. You have to come back to the given link to proceed further.

Step 2: Register for GRE

Use your password and username to log in to your My GRE Account and tag on the below-mentioned steps:

  • Choose the test type for which you want to register (whether it is the General Test or Subject Test).
  • Specify the name of your country and state/province.
  • After checking whether the computer-based test is available in your location, the ETS website would display you a link named, ‘GRE computer-based test registration’. Click that link to proceed further.
  • You will be taken to an ‘Information Review’ webpage that contains integral facts about registration. Read them carefully before proceeding. Click ‘next’ when you have read and understood the given information.

Step 3: Select Your  Test Center

In this step of  test sign up you will be taken to a webpage for selecting your desired test center. You have to enter your residence address in an address search bar given in the webpage. Once you enter your address, the ETS website lists down the available test sites, which are closest to your home. Select your desired test center and schedule an appointment.

Step 4: Select the Date and Time of Testing

Once you have scheduled an appointment at one of the test centers, you have to specify the date and time of testing in this sign up step. Click on ‘go’ after choosing the date on which you desire to take test. On the next page, you have to select your desired time for taking the test and will have to click on ‘next’ for the subsequent step.

Step 5: Identification Confirmation

After confirming the date and time of your test, you are diverted to the ‘Identification Confirmation’ webpage. Your basic details are shown one last time on this webpage, before moving ahead to the next step. Double check your basic information and click ‘next’ if everything is correct.

Step 6: Enter Your Background Information

You have to enter your background information in this sign up step. Be very careful while entering your details as it mostly concerns your educational qualifications.

Step 7: Payment

In the final step of sign up, you have to pay the exam fee. Once your background information is confirmed, you are then directed to the fee-payment webpage. You have to pay by using your debit/credit card. Choose your payment option and enter your card number, security code and other details before clicking ‘next’ to view your admission ticket.

Step 8: Print Your Paper-Based Admission Ticket:

At the last stage of the registration process, you can view the admission ticket. Go through the details in the ticket carefully and look for any mistakes. When you are confirmed that the ticket is flawless, you can proceed to print the ticket. At the day of the exam, you have to show this admission ticket, to the test center officials for taking the test.

Hence, the above-mentioned discussion shows the process using online tools. Alternatively, you can register for test by phone or through postal mail. You must be very careful about your identification proofs while registering as they will be the only evidences for recognizing you at the test center. Apart from these, there are many other factors, which you must acknowledge before registering for test. Click at to learn about these factors