Where to Take TEAS Test?

5 Essentials of Good TEAS Test Centers

Most students who prepare for the TEAS test give adequate importance to the test study preparation. At the end of their preparation, when it’s time to choose their test center, they are unable to come to a conclusion.. This is because they do not have an idea about the test centers. In order to avoid this situation, all the prospective students who need to take the test must get educated about the test centers, well in advance.

The following information describes the criteria that a good TEAS test center must have:

In general, preferring the nursing college/institution where you plan to apply for your nursing program, as your test center can be advantageous. This is because most centers send the test score reports to the admission office directly for students who take the test at their own test center. However, this is not the only criteria that you should consider.

Check the following 5 essentials of a good test center and make a list of a few test centers of your preference. You must find out all the necessary information that you will require in order to decide about this issue.

  1. Test Format: A good TEAS test site must provide both the test formats; namely,
    • The computer format
    • The paper and pencil format

    However, most of the test centers provide only one of the two formats. If you are at ease with a computer, you can prefer a computerized test center. Otherwise you should choose a test center that offers the paper and the pencil format. It is also good to know that the score report is provided soon after the completion of the test in the case of the computer format whereas it might take more than a day for the paper and pencil format.

  2. Test Location: An ideal test site should be located near a familiar landmark which will help the students to find the test center at ease. Practically, you must prefer a test center that is the nearest to your place of living. This can help you in reducing the travel time to the test center, thus preventing you from getting tired due to traveling or driving before the test.
  3. Test Fees: The test fee differs from one test center to the other. A good test center should have a reasonable fee for the test-taking, abiding the ATI regulations. If you are particular about saving a few dollars, you must consider the cost factor as well while deciding on the location.
  4. Test Facilities: A good test site must provide the following facilities which could be important for a few test takers:
    • Special provisions for disabled students
    • Parking availability
    • Test score submission to other nursing schools
  5. Test Reschedule and Refund Policies: A few test centers provide the option to reschedule the test date and timings while most others do not. Also, refund of the test fee is provided at a few test centers for test cancellation. Such test centers will be beneficial for test takers, in general. You can take into consideration the reschedule and refund policies of the test centers if it is important to you.

Your test center must provide you the instructions that you are required to follow before and during the test. For example, it might require all test takers to be present in the examination hall 30 minutes before the start of the test. Similarly, the things that you need to carry with you at the time of test like your photo ID, username and password etc. need to be detailed by the test center as well.

Finally, before deciding about location and center, you must also make a note of the application deadline and the score report submission deadline of your nursing school. This will help you to choose the test center and date such that your test scores are submitted to your school on time.