TEAS Preparation

We live our lives in stages. The initial stages of our lives determine how comfortable and satisfied we are in the later years of our lives. Hard work is required at every stage, but the hard work in the initial 20 years of our lives shall reap us benefits throughout the rest of our lives. Establishing oneself in a profession is also accomplished in our early lives and ensures a comfortable future. Determination, knowledge, hard work and guidance among other things are essential for professional success.
For a career in nursing, TEAS is the first step that one has to take. It is important to score high in the exam as it acts as an entrance exam for securing a seat in a course in nursing. For meeting the expectations of nursing schools, you will have to understand their requirements and prepare well to obtain scores high enough for admission.
You lay the foundation of a promising future in nursing by preparing well and succeeding in this exam.

Why is Preparation Required for TEAS?
Let us throw some light on what is unique about this test and why preparation is required for it.
There is no set passing score for TEAS. Colleges set their own limits on the score that you should achieve. The most sought after colleges shall certainly have high limits set on these test scores and you shall have to beat the competition to secure a seat.
The exam is only one of the numerous admission criteria used by colleges to assess entry level students. Besides having an appreciable record of past academic and non-academic achievement, you shall have to fare well in this test to add credit to your reports. There are chances of your being rejected for a poor score, in spite of having a good record otherwise.
The pattern of the exam is such that you shall have a little over a minute to answer each question. This can be demanding if you are not well prepared for the exam. Even if you have prepared the content well enough, you could be slow in answering for want of practice. This could lead to an unfinished attempt and hence low scores in the exam.
In case you have to appear for the computer based format of TEAS, you shall require special practice for taking the exam on a computer. You will require getting accustomed to the basic operations of a computer. This shall require special preparation if you are new to computers.
The score of each section is reported in TEAS. You shall, thus, have to perform well in each section. You cannot hope to balance a low score in one section with an above average performance in another. Each section shall require equal attention and preparation for.

TEAS Preparation Process
The process of preparation for TEAS can be summarized in the following points.

  • Collection of details of the test, its pattern, format, content, syllabus etc.
  • Gaining information about different study materials available
  • Taking a diagnostic test to understand your study needs
  • Introspection for understanding your study habits and procuring study materials accordingly
  • Review for TEAS supplemented with sample questions, practice tests, score assessment and analysis etc.
  • Extensive practice under actual time constraints
  • Preparation for the testing experience

Assistance Provided by ATI
ATI provides support for preparation by publishing some official prep materials.
TEAS Study Manual: It includes study content for all the sections of the exam. There are practice exercises and sample tests as well for facilitating practice. The 225 page study guide contains strategies for assistance in study and test taking. This study guide is the only preparation guide endorsed by ATI. It costs $38.95.

TEAS Online Practice Assessment: There are 100 items picked up from real TEAS administrations. These items are genuine in terms of content and format of TEAS. Explanations about the correctness or wrongness of each response are given to further your understanding of the testing items. You can take the test through the internet and twice so by paying once. This product is for $32.

Quest for Academic Success Study Guide: This 23-page book acts as a preparation guide and includes topics related with attending lectures, improving note-taking, taking tests, preparing for test taking, development of critical thinking skills, study habits etc. It shall help you make the most of your time and resources for preparation of TEAS. This product is priced at $8.
You can purchase the Study Manual and Online Practice Assessment as a package for $60.

Some Common Queries
When should preparation commence? Preparation entails every step you take towards taking TEAS. It begins with your making enquiries about TEAS at the schools you intend to apply to. Depending on the requirement of the school, you should start with studying for the exam at least three months before the test date.

Which is the best method to prepare? There is no method that can be categorized as the best one for preparation. Limiting yourself to one method or source of preparation might not yield the best results and could lead to monotony and boredom. It is best to apply different approaches at different stages of preparation.
How should one check the quality of a study material? Purchase only those materials that are known to have shown results. Surf on the internet to gain feedback from other students before you invest money. Read the details of the syllabus covered in the study material and see that there are sufficient practice tests with answer keys.

Is it good to study in groups? This decision depends on what your study habits are like. You can benefit a lot by studying along with someone. It can bring in seriousness and more responsibility. You can learn from others and overcome your drawbacks with their assistance. On the other hand, you could be in loss if there is a mismatch in the ability levels and commitment within the group.

An Important Aspect of Preparation
Your mental make-up plays a significant role in crucial times. This is true for TEAS testing as well. As you prepare, you need to concentrate on your state of mind also in parallel. During the course of your preparation, you shall go through varied emotions. At times you shall brim with enthusiasm while at other times you shall feel like a failure. Both of these situations can result in losses. On one hand, you could become careless because of your enthusiasm and on the other you could become despondent because of losing confidence.
To avoid any such situation, you need to keep a check on yourself during preparation. A few methods of doing this are listed below.

    • Use practice tests under timed conditions to gauge your success.

    • Keep a target score in mind. You shall be able to score as much in TEAS only if you constantly score above that target in the practice tests.

    • Prepare in a systematic manner by formulating a preparation schedule.

    • Keep time for sectional review to regain confidence in your preparation and for brushing up the concepts previously learnt.

    • Take breaks from time to time and change your study timings once in a while. This shall refresh you and you shall prepare better.

  • Collaborate with fellow students and learn from them. Positive comparisons with peers shall help you take timely corrective measures.

A Word of Advice
Generally students with an average past record tend to underestimate their capabilities. They assume that they cannot beat the tough competition and hence do not even make a beginning. There could be no greater folly than this. If you are equipped with the correct study materials and determined to excel in TEAS, there is no reason for you not to perform well in the exam. Let not your past failures come in the way of success in this test.