TEAS Test Dates

How to Select a date for Testing?

With many Nursing colleges and other health science institutions accepting TEAS scores as a measure of your potential for joining Nursing courses, the TEAS is an important test for Nursing aspirants in the country. The test is conducted many times a year and according to a fixed schedule. You can learn more about the exam dates and how to choose a test date for yourself here.

An Introduction to the TEAS Test

Developed and conducted by ATI, the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a standardized test that helps institutions analyze the potentials of candidates for early Nursing programs. It covers the core academic areas and skills of Science, Math, and English language, as required for joining the programs. Using the test scores, colleges can assess the need for any developmental programs for candidates to help them improve in any of their respective weaker areas.

Generally, the exam is conducted as a computerized test, but can also be administered as a paper and pencil-based test.

The TEAS test is in its fifth version now, and is called the TEAS V.

For more information on this test, you may refer to the official website: https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx

Finding Dates for TEAS

For all the different administrations of the test, the time and venue are pre-decided by the testing company, ATI Nursing Education LLC. While registering for the test, you need to choose a date when you want to appear the exam; and you can do this by choosing the most appropriate one from the list available on the official website. (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/customecom/BrowseSessions.aspx?stf=6&ssf=4&stype=1&city=Phoenix).

When you try to register for the test on the official website, (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/customecom/SessionCityStateSelection.aspx?stf=6&stype=1&prev=1) you have to enter your state and city. You can see all the available venues and timelines here, including those for any particular test locations. You may also look for particular test location/state/city test dates on this website. The information listed here includes the site/location details. Additional information like location and timing for a particular test date can be obtained by clicking the relevant links given in the website.

The duration of the test is 209 minutes. However, the test administrations are, generally, scheduled for four hours.

Choosing from the Available Dates

With many timelines available in a year, for a single test location, choosing the appropriate test date for yourself can be a little difficult. Here are certain important factors that you must consider while looking at the available options:

  • Time for preparation: TEAS is an important test for Nursing aspirants in the country. With your institution requiring TEAS V scores for admission, there is no way you can afford to miss out on your test preparation. Therefore, be wise to choose a test date that gives you all the required time to prepare for the test.
  • Your availability: No one can predict the inexplicabilities of life’s course. However, you can still plan for a test date and be available on the scheduled day. Thus, choose a date that does not conflict with the occurrence of any other important event or festival. Though you have the option to postpone a date under unavoidable circumstances, this can be difficult, especially if you missed to do so before the existing date’s registration deadline. For example, check the guidelines for postponing your registered date at the San Jose State University (http://testing.sjsu.edu/teas/teasfaq/index.html).
  • The deadlines for your Nursing program: With many Nursing institutions requiring a TEAS V score for completing the admission process, it is imperative that you choose a test date that falls ahead of your course admission deadlines. Your institute or university being the test location also, this may not be a very big concern; however, ensure that you have enough time to wait for 48 hours to get your results. (The test results are generally made available after two days or 48 hours of test taking.)
  • Registration deadlines: Each test date has a registration deadline as well, before which you need to register for that date. Late registration is not accepted, and hence, you need to plan ahead and choose a date according to your convenience.

Thus, if aspiring for a college Nursing program, the TEAS is an important test that you cannot miss out. Along with preparing yourself well, it is also critical that you choose your date and venue wisely. Hence, choose a date that provides you with enough time to prepare well for the test, and also within your course admission deadlines.