TEAS Science Questions

How to Use TEAS Science Questions for Practice

The TEAS test from ATI, a pre-nursing test, helps colleges not only analyze the potentials of candidates and accordingly make their admission decisions, but also suggest developmental programs for candidates to improve themselves in any of their weaker areas. The test content includes three core academic areas of Science, English language and Mathematics, so that these stated purposes are served accurately and objectively. This article focuses on the Science section – including the question types. Also, you may learn more about how to prepare for this part of the test, in the course of this article.

The TEAS – An Overview

Before going into the Science section, it is good to get an overview of the test and its essential aspects. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) from ATI, a premier nursing education company, is a test of academic abilities; the test scores are considered an accurate predictor of success in basic-level nursing programs. Other important features of this test are listed below:

  • TEAS is in its fifth version now and is called TEAS V also. It is a proctored and timed test of 209 minutes.
  • The test is generally computerized, but is also administered as a traditional test, based on the requirements of the testing site/institution.
  • There are several administrations of the test every year, according to a pre-decided schedule, which is available on the ATI testing website (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/customecom/SessionCityStateSelection.aspx?stf=6&stype=1&prev=1).
  • Though there can be different testing and scoring requirements as per your institutions’ rules and regulations, the test content and total duration allotted for the test remain the same across all test administrations of the test.
  • The test results not only help colleges with their admission decisions, but also help you understand your potentials better, realize any of your shortcomings and work towards bettering yourself.

To understand more about what is on the test, you may refer to the official ATI testing website: https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx

Science Questions

The Science section of the TEAS V is a mandatory and an integral component of the test, like the other core areas of English and Language usage, Reading, and Mathematics. It intends to check the scientific reasoning and scientific knowledge of candidates as required for nursing programs. The questions in the Science section cover the following main areas:

  • Scientific Reasoning – Topics include scientific method, critical and rational thinking, making Inferences, etc.
  • Human Body Sciences – Topics here include anatomy, physiology, cell replication, etc.
  • Life Sciences – Biological topics other than those related to human body, like ecology, cells, and organisms are included here.
  • Earth, Physical, and Chemical Sciences – Hydrology, plate tectonics, atomic structure, moles, chemical quantities, states of matter, etc. are the topics included here.

The other characteristics are summarized below:

  • The questions in this section are of the same type as the other questions in this test, i.e., of multiple-choice type. No other types of questions are included.
  • The number of questions included in each of the test sections is different, and so is the time allocated. The number of Science questions also varies based on the testing institution. For example, according to the regulations of the Madison Area Technical College, there are 48 questions included in the Science section for which 66 minutes is allocated (http://madisoncollege.edu/frequently-asked-questions-faq%E2%80%99s-teas); however, as per the TEAS regulations at the Southern Union State Community College, this section includes 54 questions to be completed in 66 minutes (http://www.suscc.edu/PDFFiles/teas.pdf).
  • Using calculators is not allowed in any of the sections, including the Science section.

How to Use Sample Questions and Prepare for the Test?

You may find many resources – both specific and comprehensive – that can aid in your test preparation. Practice questions and tests, like in any other exam, should also be an integral part of your preparation efforts. Practicing repeatedly until you feel comfortable can be a strategy that can work well, especially if you are not thorough with some of the areas. In addition to making you familiar with the test pattern, working with practice questions also helps you realize your shortcomings if any, and work on those areas.

Listed below are some of the online resources that provide free sample questions and test papers for the Science section that you can work out:

You may also find sample questions and practice sections at the ATI test bank online (http://www.atitestbank.com/).

You may note that the list of resources given here is not comprehensive in nature. There can be many more places where you find practice questions for your test preparation. Whatever sources you use, during your preparation, it is more important that you find out ample number of authentic questions for you to practice and thus perfect your skills and knowledge levels.