TEAS Test Prep Class

The Most Preferred TEAS Test Prep Class

In addition to preparing for the TEAS V by using the best study guides, one may also opt for a class. Such a prep class will be a great booster to test takers who have had a long gap in their exposure to academics or have passed out of college or school several years or decades back. An effective prep class would give such students an excellent introduction to the test’s subject areas, with customized tips and guidance and also help in improving their skills in each subject area. Other candidates for such prep classes are people who may be taking the test for the second or third time because of failure to reach the minimum recommended scores in their previous attempts. Now, how do you find an effective class ? The article will give you an answer to this question, by listing out some of the test prep courses available today, along with their key features and benefits.

The 3 Best Test Prep Classes:

  1. TEAS® MATH TEST PREP by YourTeacherThis is an interactive online class on YourTeacher.com, which is a Math test preparatory website that provides several courses for assessment, entrance and placement tests such as GMAT, GRE, COMPASS, TEAS etc. It has been conceptualized by a high school teacher having several years of experience in coaching students for such assessment tests. The features of this prep class are listed as follows:

    The Key Features of the Class:

    • It provides loads of lesson videos and online tutoring sessions on Math subjects.
    • It provides several practice tests with answer keys.
    • It includes material on most of the key topics in Math curricula.
    • It provides customized test tips and lesson recommendations to the students in an adaptive fashion.
    • It is also portable and works on any computer/laptop or android system.

    One drawback of this class is that though several GMAT, GRE and COMPASS test takers have vouched for their respective course’s effectiveness, not many actual test takers have provided feedback on the course’s effectiveness. Another drawback may be that the course is quite expensive.

    You may access this online course at http://www.yourteacher.com/math-help-testimonials.php.

  2. BenchPrep’s TEAS Prep by McGraw HillThis is another interactive online course available on BenchPrep.com, which is an online library with several hundred test preparatory courses. This online course is based on the TEAS curricula, drawn from several McGrawHill’s TEAS publications. The features of this course are listed here:

    The Key Features of the Class:

    • It is accessible from your desktop/laptop, Android, iPhone or ipad, so you may use it on the go.
    • It contains reading material and flashcards for all the sections of the test. You can create bookmarks on parts of the reading material or on the flashcards for later review.
    • It provides about 850 practice questions. The breakup of the questions across the test sections are as follows:ENGLISH – 170 questions

      MATH – 170 questions

      READING – 240 questions

      SCIENCE – 270 questions

    • It provides an answer key to the practice tests with explanations to each answer.
    • It also provides a graphical breakdown of your answers to the practice tests, indicating your challenging subject areas and question types, where you need to focus more.
    • It has 4 simulated shorter versions of the actual test.
    • You can join this class either through monthly or annual subscriptions.

    This one offers great flexibility and is also considered to be user friendly and hence, is a good choice. Some drawbacks of this course are that not many user reviews are available for it and the subscription fees are pretty expensive.

    You may access this online course at https://benchprep.com/courses/search/TEAS.

  3. Medtech’s Nursing School Entrance Exam Prep CourseThis is an in-person tutorial, administered by MedTech, a medical college with campuses in the U.S states of Indiana and Kentucky.

    The Key Features of the Class:

    • It includes classroom sessions on all the key sections of the test; namely, Math, Science, English and Reading.
    • The program is available on a monthly basis and you may opt for the weekend or weekday schedule, based on your convenience.
    • It is available in certain Medtech campus locations in Indiana and Kentucky.
    • It is a short term course.

    One major drawback of this course is that not many reviews are available on it. For details, on the course fees and availability, you may contact the phone numbers listed on the Medtech website – http://www.medtech.edu/programs/short-term-medical-courses/nursing-school-entrance-exam-prep.

We hope that the above reviews on the prep classes were objective and will help you pick the right course that suits your needs. Wishing all the test-takers the best of luck!