TEAS Test Math

Everything you Need to know about TEAS Test Math

The Test of Essential Academic Skills or TEAS is a computerized exam that intends to measure the fundamental skills of the applicants of adult nursing programs. The purpose of this test is to measure those areas of competence of the test takers that are considered suitable for attaining success in nursing schools. With the help of the scores attained by the students in this exam, it is possible for their educators to choose those candidates who are fit for studying in nursing schools and the ones that require more support on the subjects that are tested in this exam.

The Sections and Duration

The following subjects are included in the test:

  • Reading: This section includes 48 questions that are to be answered in 58 minutes.
  • Mathematics: There are 34 questions here that have to be completed within 51 minutes.
  • Science: In the Science section, 54 questions to be tackled by the test takers within 66 minutes.
  • English Language and Usage: This section consists of 34 questions that must be answered within 34 minutes.

The duration of this test is 209 minutes and the test takers have to answer 170 multiple-choice questions within this time limit.

Overview of the Math Section

As far as the Math section is concerned, the questions are based on metric conversion, whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportions and algebraic equations.

The applicants for adult nursing programs must possess the basic skills of Mathematics as the job of a nurse requires high level of precision, which is similar to the accuracy that is required for working on mathematical tasks. Therefore, every applicant needs to focus on appropriate preparation in order to achieve the desired target in this section. Calculators are not allowed for this exam. Thus, the candidates need to find solutions for the Math tasks by simple rough work during the test.

For prep materials, the test takers may access the official test materials or the other resources that are available online or the study guides and books that are available for this section of the test. However, for this section, the applicants should concentrate on practice tests as they are not only considered as the best method of preparation for this test, but also enhance their confidence for the final day of the test.

For taking the TEAS V (which is the norm), a majority of test takers avail the official study manual of ATI consisting of questions on the Math section along with information about this section of the test. However, they will also have the opportunity to purchase this manual online from www.atitesting.com.

The test takers will get score reports of the practice test that is present in this study manual in order to review their level of preparation for the topics of the Math test. For instance, a candidate may not have performed well in the questions of ratio and proportion and that will be highlighted by the score report.


After taking the practice test from the study manual, the test takers will be able to take the online practice assessments that are based on the original pattern of the test. In order to understand the structure and content, the test takers must consider this option consisting of 150 math questions. In spite of consulting the prep resources for taking the TEAS, the test takers must also focus on self study for adequate preparation. By taking the this test, the applicants are able to move a step ahead towards a nursing career and fulfill their aim of serving people. The success in TEAS by acquiring proper marks in all the sections of this test marks an important beginning in the career of those applicants who prefer a career in nursing.