How Hard Is The Teas V Test?

Invaluable Information for Passing TEAS Test

As an applicant who is preparing for the teas test, you may have often come across a frequent question on teas blogs and websites about its level of difficulty. The answer to this question lies in understanding the structure and the requirements of the test. However, to make things simple for you, this article will list out the key challenges of the TEAS V test. After reading through the article, you will find an answer to all your queries regarding this exam.

The 5 Key Challenging Aspects of the TEAS V Test:

We will go over some of the aspects of the TEAS V test that make it very difficult for the applicants, as follows.

  1. Challenge #1 – Level of DifficultyAlthough, TEAS is an acronym for “Test of Essential Academic Skills”, it tests more than basic skills in certain sections of the test. The test has 4 subject areas – Reading, Math, English and Science. While the Reading and English sections could be rated as being medium in the level of difficultly, most test takers have vouched for high level of difficulty in Math and Science sections of the test. Especially, the Scientific Reasoning part of the Science section is a very complex facet of scientific research and study and hence, is one of most challenging parts of the TEAS V test.
  2. Challenge # 2 – Time DurationThe test is really long, since it is about 209 minutes or approximately 3.5 hours long. There are about a total of 170 multiple-choice questions in the test. Generally, no breaks are given between the test sections, during the actual test.
  3. Challenge # 3 – Time Limits for Each Test SectionOne of the main answers about the nature of this test, lies in the time duration of the segments. Each test section has limited time, which means that you cannot go back to a previous section to review or correct answers. The time limits of the individual test sections are as follows:
    Reading – 58 minutes
    Math – 51 minutes
    Science – 66 minutes
    English – 34 minutes
  4. Challenge # 4 – Un-scored QuestionsApart from the 150 scored questions, the test includes an additional set of 20 un-scored questions. The un-scored questions are distributed across the test sections in a random fashion.
  5. Challenge # 5 – Extensive Subjects Included in the Science SectionThe Science section of the test includes the vast disciplines of Human Body Science, Life Science, Earth and Physical Science and Scientific Reasoning. Each of these disciplines, itself comprises of several sub areas of science, whose basics high-school students take several years to master. All of these subjects are tested via just 48 scored questions in the Science section of the test.

Apart from the above challenges, some applicants may have personal challenges because of their educational or professional background. For example, many nursing applicants are people who have stepped out of high school or college, several years back or have been in a non-academic career for years. This means there has been a long gap in their exposure to many subject areas of the test.

Now, that you are aware of the answer to the question, let’s assure you that an excellent score is very much possible in the TEAS V test. The next section of the article would give you a list of important tips to achieve this excellent score.

The 5 Key Tips to Passing the TEAS V Test:

Tip #1: Cover all Test Subjects
Cover all the subject areas and topics of the test. The key topics to focus on, under each test section are listed on the official ATI website. You must concentrate on these key topics during your test preparation. The list of topics is also available at –‘’.
Tip #2: Study Thoroughly Using the Top Study Guides
To be best prepared for the test, you must master at least 2-3 top-notch study guides such as the ATI TEAS V Study Manual, McGraw-Hill’s Nursing School Entrance Exams and Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams.
Tip #3: Take Practice Tests
Try as many full-length practice tests as possible. Some full length practice tests that mirror the actual test are available on the official ATI website. Also, we recommend practice test guides such as McGraw-Hill’s 5 TEAS Practice Tests. With each test, your scores must improve. If not, identify your problem areas, study and re-test, until your scores improve in those.
Tip #4: Time your Questions
During the practice tests, make sure that you do not spend more than one minute per question. Follow the same rule during the actual test too. If any question is tough and you have already spent more than 30 seconds on it, without a clear direction, then flag the question and come back to it at the end of the section.

In conclusion, we hope that you now have a better perception about this test and the above mentioned tips and strategies will ensure that you overcome the challenges of the test and pass with excellent scores in the TEAS V test. Good Luck!