Which is the Best Study Guide for TEAS?

The Most Suitable Study Guide for TEAS

The most commonly asked query for TEAS in the online forums and discussions is about the study materials. There are many students who appear for the test every year. However, only a selected few get entry into the top schools of nursing. Undoubtedly, one of the main factors that determine how well a student performs in the test is the source of test preparation. Do you wonder if there could be a single study guide that could possibly aid all the test takers, regardless of their aptitude level and the choice of their nursing program? Will you be surprised if the answer is yes?

By far, the TEAS V Study Manual by ATI is the best source of preparation. Read on to find a quick review of a few popular study guides and why the ATI Study Manual is considered the best among them.

    1. TEAS V Study Manual by ATI: The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) offers two valuable study guides for the TEAS preparation. One is the TEAS V Study Manual, which explains the subject matter and the other is Online Practice Assessment Test, which contains  practice tests for students.
    1. McGraw-Hill’s Nursing School Entrance Exam Study Guide: In addition to the review of all the test topics, this book provides scientific illustrations, 8 practice tests, career guidance by a nursing expert and helpful points addressing each of the test question types.
    1. Secrets of the TEAS Exam by Mometrix media LLC publication: This book includes comprehensive reviews of each test section of the test. Also, an exclusive chapter called The 5 Secret Keys to Success gives useful and practical hints for the test preparation.
  1. Barron’s Nursing School Entrance Exam Study Guide: Subject reviews and test-taking strategies make the most part of the book. The unique feature of this book is that it covers several topics on the nursing profession, such as, the work- life of nurses, their job satisfaction, commitment and responsibilities etc. These topics are intended to educate students about the nursing career and thereby, helping them to decide if it is their true choice of profession.

As mentioned earlier, while all these books help students in their own unique way, the TEAS V Study Manual by ATI is undoubtedly considered to be the most suitable by a majority of the test takers. The following points will justify the reasons behind this book being their choice of preference:

  • The Expertise of the Authors:The ATI has been specializing in the field of nursing for several years. Hence, it consists of an invaluable team of well-trained and well-experienced nursing professionals. Also, a team of psychometricians in ATI are constantly involved in the research and development of test-taking strategies. Thus, the authorship of the TEAS V Study Manual being shared by such experts in the nursing field as well as test-taking makes it the best study guide.
  • The Thoughtful Structure of the Book:The highlight of the ATI’S Online Practice Assessment Tests is that it includes two test versions; namely form A and B. Students are suggested to take version A first, before they begin their test preparation. After they complete the test, they will be provided with a comprehensive score report which will help them in identifying the topic areas they are not-so-strong in. This will act as a guide for the students to understand the subject areas where they need to pay more attention during their test prep. This unique feedback strategy is one of the reasons to make it the most appropriate test material. Subsequently, at the end of their study prep, they can take assessment B, which is a timed, full-length test aimed at giving them an experience of the actual test.
  • The Easy Source of Availability:The TEAS V Study Manual can be purchased online through the official website of ATI (www.atitesting.com). Also, a TEAS Test Study Package has been introduced, which includes both the TEAS V Study Manual and the Online Practice Assessment Tests that costs lesser, than if bought separately.

The high success rate of students who have utilized ATI’s resources and in particular the TEAS V Study Manual, speaks for itself, its efficiency as a test prep book. This book has received positive reviews by several test takers, making it the most suitable study guide for the test.