Step-wise Registration Details for the SSAT

Steps for SSAT Registration

The SSAT stands for the Secondary School Admission Test. It is conducted by the SSAT Board or the SSATB. This standardized test is taken by students from various schools across USA in grades 3 to 11. The purpose of taking the test is to gain admission into a private or independent school in USA. There are three levels at which this test is conducted. These are: the Upper Level, the Middle Level and the Elementary Level. However, for taking this test at any level, one has to primarily register for it. This article focuses on all the aspects of the registration process. Hence, go through it carefully in order to stay updated regarding the important points concerning this aspect of the test.

Steps for Registration

For each of the three levels of the test, the registration process varies. There are also many options available for registration. The most popular mode of registration is online registration. However, a host of other options such as Flex Testing and Sunday Testing are also present. The registration for this test is a step-by-step procedure that has to be followed carefully. The different steps for the process as well as different methods of registration are enlisted below:

Elementary Level Registration

    • Go to the official website and create an account online. You must remember that one account is for one child only; hence, if you have two children who would like to take the SSAT, you would have to create separate accounts for them. You need to save your web login ID because it is using this ID that you will be able to access your results online and check other details concerning the test.
    • At the time of registration, you need to indicate the grade in which the child is studying. As you select grade 3 or 4 (for Elementary Level), you will be able to access the appropriate test site search and then you can select the preferred test location.
    • You may be provided an access code by the educational institution where the child is studying at present. You must enter that code in the space provided.
    • Next, you need to select three score recipients who will receive your SSAT scores automatically. This service does not cost anything extra apart from the basic test fee.
  • Your next step would be to pay the test fee, which is 80$. This fee is payable by credit card.

Upper and Middle Level Registration

    • If it is the first time you are taking the SSAT, you need to first create an online account. This account will be for a single student only.
    • On visiting this page, scroll down and click on ‘Create New Account; for a new account. An online form will be displayed ( In this online form, you have to enter the important details such as name, suffix and date of birth.
  • After you have entered all information, click on ‘Continue’. Then, you need to enter your contact and mailing information to carry the application process forward. After reading and accepting the terms and conditions, you have to proceed to the selection of the test-centers. Finally, you need to make the fee payment online. The payment has to be made through a credit card.
Rush Registration
The registration for the rush test opens just two weeks before the test date and closes on the last Wednesday prior to the test date. There is limited availability for this mode and there is an additional rush fee of 80$ applicable. You can register yourself through this process too and then print the admission ticket online. It is important to note here that once you register for the SSAT using this mode of registration, your seat is guaranteed.
Other types of Registration
Flex TestThis testing is applicable if your school is conducting a group test on an alternate date or you are taking the test with an educational consultant. You need to remember here that, in such a case only, you can register for open or closed flex test. For more information, you can visit the link
Sunday TestingYou need to register by mail or fax only if you observe a Saturday Sabbath and want Sunday testing. The online registration mode is not available for Sunday Testing. For more information on how to register, you can visit the link: The latest test date for SSAT Sunday Testing is 9th June for which the registration deadline is 25th May.

Hence, it can be concluded that the registration process takes place online for the normal testing and by mail or fax for Sunday Testing. One thing that is very important in the online registration is the login ID that you will create while registering for the test. Using this ID, you can make changes to your test schedule, observe your scores and perform a lot of other important tasks. So, remember to create this account carefully and keep the web login ID safe with yourself. For the other modes of testing, you need to keep a copy of the admission ticket safe with yourself for all future references.