SAT Word List

The Best SAT Wordlists!

How Important are the SAT Word Lists?

Scoring high in SAT can be a bit challenging if you have a very low knowledge of English vocabulary. The SAT has one Critical Reading section and another Writing section, which test your vocabulary to the ultimate and seek to test your capability to reproduce your verbal skills. In this regard, if you have a reliable word list of SAT, you can do wonders in the writing section and the critical reading section. A strong base in vocabulary is needed to combat the parts of the critical reading section where you will have to determine meanings of words in context, complete a given sentence, understand the issue portrayed in the passages, understand the composition and functions of sentences and identify the main supporting ideas given in the passages. You also need to follow the word list for detecting sentence errors, modifying sentences and selecting the accurate option for correcting a sentence in the Writing section.

Where Can You Get the SAT Word Lists?

You will get thousands of sites and links of assorted vocab list of SAT on the internet. You can get the lists of SAT vocabulary in many of the preparatory test books too. However, it is better to rely on the online sources of word list as they are fresher than the prep books and are more updated than the prep books. In the following sub sections, you will get links to the vocab list of SAT.

  • Scholastic SAT Word List:The Scholastic website provides miscellaneous lists, which have high probability to be given in the test. The word list provided by Scholastic contains words, which came even in the previous years. This website is reliable as it features fresh bunch of words for the test.
  • Quizlet SAT Words:The Quizlet website features a boasting 500 SAT words, together with its meaning and an option to listen to these words. This website features a sound button, which enables the viewers to listen to the word, spoken by a computerized voice.
  • Study Minder SAT Words:The Study Minder website hoists a word list of 1000 SAT words, together with their usage and meaning. These 1000 words of Study Minder are further categorized into 20 sets, each having fifty words in it. The definitions of these words have been adapted with WordNet. The words given in the lists are a compilation of all previous years’ SAT words.
  • best way to learn about SAT words is from the as it is a real storehouse for SAT word list. Unlike the other websites of SAT, the SATvocab categorizes their vocabularies according to the initials of the vocabulary. Just as in a dictionary, in SATvocab you can access a huge list of SAT words under individual letters of the Alphabet.
  • Your Dictionary SAT Words:This website offers you a list of 100 most SAT words used in the the exam. The Your Dictionary SAT word list has accumulated those words which had been repeated many times in the sentence completion and other sections of the Critical Reading of the test. Hence, if you are acquainted with the Your Dictionary word list for SAT, you will face less problems with your SAT vocabulary. You will get words with which you are already familiar.

The above-mentioned links are to some of the best lists of SAT words available online. You can follow the words in these links and improve your SAT vocabulary. However, a complete recent addition to the word list of SAT is the application for Apple, known as Kaplan SAT Flashcubes. This is an iPhone application available at iTunes, which is manufactured by Kaplan. You will get more than 500 SAT words to practice and get a good hold on your vocabulary.