Guidelines To Choosing Suitable SAT Test Dates

For any test taker, the day of the exam is a big day. It is the day when all your efforts are put to test. Choosing the correct test dates are also very important to ensure success in the particular examination. All your studies in the past few weeks is centered on these dates. Either it is going to be a date that you will remember as one which opened the door to success, or it would be the other way round. As the dates approach, you begin to wonder what it would bring with itself. Anxiety increases amongst students on the thought of the date. But instead of dreading the examinations, you should be sure of your abilities and face it boldly.

Before you prepare for the test, you should gather information about the day of the exam. You should know what is expected on the day and how exam is administered. Thus you must collect information regarding the time given to you for completing the test, time for each section, breaks between two tests etc. It is always better to know what the schedule of the examination is, so that there is no confusion regarding the pattern of the test.

Selecting The SAT Testing Date

You should be very careful while selecting dates. While registering you should be sure of the dates that you want to choose. It is while you enroll for the test that you finally decide when to take the test. Once registered you cannot change the date. And in case you need to take the test on a different date, you can change it on payment of an extra fee. That is why you should make up your mind completely about choosing a date at the time of registration.

You must keep a few things in mind while selecting them. Since all your preparation and hard work depends on the final exam date, you should not jump to conclusions, instead you should think and decide a date that suits you best. While selecting you should see if you have enough time for preparation. If you choose an early one, it may not give you enough time for studying. You need to give proper attention to studying as well as revising by practicing sample tests. Depending on how long you can take for preparing, you can choose a comfortable date.

The test date should also not be too far away. If you select a date that is too far, you will not get into the mood to study. Even if you start preparing, you will lose interest in studying the same things again and again till the test approaches. That is why the time you have between registration and the date should be just enough. It should neither be too much nor too little.

Your selection should not clash with any other events. You should keep in mind all the possible events that could come up in future and disturb your schedule. You should prepare without any disturbances and with a free mind. If you have any other commitments before the test, it will interrupt in your studies and you will not be able to concentrate. Thus it is best to postpone all other commitments. In case there is something you cannot avoid, then you should choose a later exam date in order to minimize the effect of any disturbance.

Preparation Before SAT Testing Date

Once you have chosen it, you are ready to prepare for examination. It sets the mood and environment for study. You can plan your study according to the time you have in your hands. You can either prepare on your own with the help of books, online programs and software, or you could take guidance from experienced teachers and coaching centers.

In case you plan to study on your own, you should make a timetable for the number of days you have in your hands before the test. That way you could give equal attention to the preparation of all the sections of the test. Also you should keep the last days light. You should just revise your lessons in the end so that you do not get confused. Keeping too many things to be done in the end burdens you and makes you nervous. In order to finish the entire syllabus you tend to give a passing look at it, and thus you can ignore many important things.

To avoid this confusion, you could take outside help from coaching centers or from private tutors. By doing this you shift the responsibility of finishing the syllabus in time on others. But that does not mean that you don’t need to work towards it. You will have to be regular and work hard so that on the day of the test you are fully prepared.