Points To Remember While Choosing PSAT Preparatory Courses

5 Things to Consider for Selecting PSAT Prep Courses

There are many courses available in various formats. However, it is important that you judiciously select courses so that you do not waste time, effort and money in courses that are not beneficial to you.

The five things to consider when you select courses are listed below.

  1. Identify Your Study MethodBefore looking for preparatory courses, identify the method that works best for you. There may arise questions such as “Do you study well when you are alone”, “Do you like the interactive way of studying or are you easily distracted in class”, “Do you belong to a group of friends who are preparing for the same test”? The answers to such questions will help you to gauge your study habits so that you can select an appropriate course. If you are able to concentrate when studying alone, you might want to opt for books or online courses. You can opt for the private tutoring mode if you have a group of friends and want focused attention. Similarly, if you like classroom courses, you can opt for the same.
  2. Self EvaluationThe next important aspect to consider is to check whether the course offers a diagnostic test. Taking a diagnostic test is essential because you need to be aware of your weak and strong areas. You also need to know how well prepared you are to appear for the test. Self-evaluation also helps you to identify the type of course you might need. For example, if you have not scored well in the Math section, you will need to judge the best way for you to study Math, that is, will you be able to prepare for Math alone or would you require private tutoring instead of a classroom course.
  3. Homework and ClassworkWhen you select a course, make sure that the course has less scope for homework. The course should not load you with additional homework and classwork. Preparation should be focused within the specified session. This is because you will have your school classwork and homework to complete. Besides that you will also need time for self study to reinforce the concepts taught in school . The allotted time for preparation should be used to discuss questions and answers, study content, practice test papers, discuss strategies and so on.
  4. Study MaterialMost courses offer study material when you enrol in their course. Make sure your course does too. The study material provided will include information specific to the test, which can also be useful as a “ready reckoner”.
  5. Discussing ScoresThe course you select must include brief one-to-one sessions wherein your scores are discussed- starting from your diagnostic test scores to your practice test scores. This helps you  track your progress as well divert your effort toward the weaker areas.

PSAT Prep Books and Courses

There are many books available to help you prepare for the test. Books are useful when you want to prepare by yourself rather than enrolling for any course. The popular books include:

Based on your convenience and study methodology, you can select the best preparation mode for the test.