Pre GED Test

What is a Pre GED Test and Where can you Take it

GED consists of a series of five exams that are conducted by the states and jurisdictions in United States. The test was originally developed in 1942 to encourage the soldiers of World War II to come back to the mainstream life in order to pursue their education. These tests were accessible to civilians in 1947 when the State of New York decided to award high school diplomas to anyone who passed these tests. The primary objective of this test is to test the skills of the students as corresponding with a high school course.

It includes the following five subjects:

    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Language Arts Reading
    • Language Arts Writing (includes essay)

The test can be taken by those candidates who have discontinued their high school education or graduation, so as to fulfill the criteria of the state, province and territories related to residency, age and the time that has elapsed after leaving school. It is not available online and the candidates have to take the examination in a specified testing center. The type of credential awarded by GED (diploma or certificate), varies in each state. By taking this test, the individuals who have dropped out of school or college are able to get an opportunity to complete their education. The test continues for seven hours and five minutes.

Pre GED Test

This is offered to the students to assess their ability before appearing for the actual tests. If a student is unable to get the minimum score in the pre-test, it implies that he/she will require stringer preparation to get the passing scores. These tests are mostly conducted online and cover each subject of the test. The scores obtained allow the students to make improvements in their learning process and strengthen their skills so that they are able to score well in the final tests. Moreover, by taking a pre-test, the students are able to get an idea about the questions that may be asked on the final day of the test. A low score in pre test indicates that the student must study harder in order to clear the actual test.

Pre GED Test: Where it can be taken?

It refers to the practice tests that are administered online and most of them are available free of charge. By taking these tests, the students are able to demonstrate their level of preparation that is required to participate in the actual test. The pre-test can be taken online. Let us consider some of these practice tests and where they can be taken:

    • It is offered by GED Academy. These practice tests are available online although the students are not required to provide personal information such as name or e mail address. These practice tests are based on all the five subjects and there is a separate testing option for each subject. This pre-test allows the students to get a feel of the actual test.
    • “Practice 4 GED test” is another pre-test that can be taken online by the students at any convenient time. This is a precursor to the actual test and allows the students to work on their knowledge, skills and level of preparation. The students can log on to the following  website : for more information.
    • Practice test is also administered by GEDforFree that helps to evaluate the ability of the students for taking the actual test. For this test, the students should log on to the following website:


GED Testing Service is one of the most authentic and reliable means of getting a diploma or a certificate that is considered equivalent to a high school course or program. Not only does it allow the students to continue with their college education, it also creates new avenues for them as the credential is also considered by employers. However, the practice tests should be taken online for better preparation and to get maximum score in the final test.