Preparation for Praxis I Test

Everyone sets an aim for oneself in life, but only a handful of people are able to achieve the aim that they had set for themselves. This is because everything comes at a price. If you want to achieve your aim, you will have to toil for it. Simply looking at the target and thinking about it will not lead you anywhere. The same holds true for a test like Praxis I. You will need to take this test as a pre-requisite for joining teacher education programs. ETS (Educational Testing Service) is responsible for conducting the Praxis tests series. If you wish to join a teacher education program, then you will have to work hard for it because passing the Praxis I is not as easy as it seems.

Importance of Praxis I Test Preparation

One may be confident of one’s reading, mathematics and writing skills, but this does not imply that the importance of preparing for Praxis I can be completely ignored. A career in the field of education and teaching is very rewarding as it gives you a stable career and financial security. Therefore, there is a lot of competition for getting admission to teacher education programs. Do not forget that there would be thousands of people like you who wish to join teaching programs. It is obvious that colleges will use your test scores to determine your suitability to pursue the programs of study being offered by them. Your chances of getting admission to reputed teaching programs might be jeopardized if you are unable to score high in the test.

You cannot just walk into the test center with inadequate preparation even if you are confident of your mastery over the skills being assessed by Praxis I. This is because the tests consist of questions that are asked in a specific format. You need to be aware of the test format and you should have practice in answering the questions asked within the time allotted for answering them. Hence, it is evident that you need to put in sustained effort in preparing for the test which is a very important aspect of getting established in your career in education.

Taking the Praxis I Tests

You can take any of the Praxis I subtests either separately or with another section. The conduct of the Praxis I tests and the eligibility criteria for taking the tests will vary from state to state. An important part of your test preparation is to visit the official website of the test, and go through the details of the conduct of the tests in your jurisdiction. Understand the test format and go through the documents available at the official website for familiarizing yourself with the conduct of the test. Make sure that you meet all the requirements that are needed by your jurisdiction for taking the tests.

Once you have decided to take Praxis I, the next obvious step is to prepare for taking the test. You can prepare for a test only if you know what you will be asked in the test. Once you are aware of the test content, you can accordingly work out your study plan, understand the content to be covered, work out the preparation time required and collect the study materials.

Study Plan for Praxis I

It is true that one should give importance to preparing for Praxis I, but it is all the more important for you to choose the correct method for your test preparation. You need to work out a study plan for the test that is based on your individual requirements. Time is valuable. Do not waste it in following the wrong study plan for the test. What is good for other test-takers might not be good for you as well. Assess your requirements before deciding the method that you would like to adopt for preparation. Take a practice test for identifying the subject areas in which you need to improve upon for a good score in the test.

Collect the following information from the official website for working out the ideal study plan for Praxis I preparation:

  • The Praxis I test content
  • The Praxis I test format
  • Types of questions that will be asked
  • Format (computer-based or paper-based) in which you will be taking the tests
  • Your weak subjects areas with respect to the test format: This can be done by taking the practice tests and sample questions available at the official website

After you have collected the above mentioned information, the next step would be to work out a study plan. Here are some tips to work out a preparation plan that would be the best for you:

  • Do not take the risk of preparing for Praxis I by studying on your own if you do not have good knowledge of the test content or if you have a number of weak subject areas from the test content. Plan on taking a prep course in such a case.
  • If you are taking the computer-based version of the tests, then you should be familiar with the controls of a computer. Although you will undergo a tutorial before taking the test, it is advisable to include a couple of practice tests in a computerized environment in your study plan for the test. This will help you in being confident and comfortable on the day of the test.
  • Work out the date on which you should have the test scores in hand keeping in mind the last date for submission of applications for admissions. Plan on taking the test on a specific date after catering for the time taken for the scores to reach you.
  • Spend more time on your weak subject areas.
  • Keep aside time for studying on a daily basis.
  • Take lots of practice tests to see the progress you are making in your preparation.

Methods Available for Praxis I Prep

1.         Study on your own: Make the best use of the available resources to prepare for Praxis I by studying on your own.  Some such resources are:

  • Online sample tests: These are easily available on the internet and also at the official website
  • Test preparation materials available at the official website
  • Study guides: Easily available in bookstores and on websites like
  • People who have already passed the Praxis I tests: Such people would be able to give you sound advice on how to prepare for the test depending on their own experiences. However, follow their advice only if you feel that it will prove to be helpful for you as well.

2.         Prep Courses: Take the assistance of a preparatory course to guide you in preparing for Praxis I. If you choose to attend a prep course, then you will not have to spend time in looking around for study guides and information on the test format. The teachers at the prep course will provide you with all the required information and they will train you to answer the questions asked in the best possible manner. There are a large number of universities that conduct Praxis workshops and classes free of cost or for a nominal price. Make sure you are aware of such an event taking place in your vicinity and don’t miss the opportunity for attending it.

Choose a good preparatory course by carefully examining the quality of training being imparted at the test prep institute. Do not register for a course if you are not comfortable studying in a group or if you do not have the time to spend in traveling for attending the classes. In such a case, it would be a better option to register with a private tutor for preparation or to sign up for an online prep course. You can search the internet for preparation courses or test tutoring for Praxis I being conducted in your neighborhood.

An Important Point to be Kept in Mind: A preparatory course cannot ensure that you will get high Praxis I scores! It is you who has to put in effort in studying whatever is being taught so as to clear the tests with good grades!