Sentence Completion Practice Test 3


Q. 1
She was _______ success and eager to create a name for herself.
  • a. deprecatory toward
  • b. impatient for
  • c. querulous about
  • d. sated by
  • e. impassive to
  • Answer: B

Q. 2
Since what constitutes a proper diet remains a _______ subject on which few experts agree, additional research is _______.
  • a. controversial.. required
  • b. neglected.. deplored
  • c. popular.. unexpected
  • d. favored.. prohibited
  • e. complex.. redundant
  • Answer: A

Q. 3
Although the Civil War _______ much of South’s railroad network, it _______ the growth of railroads in the North and West.
  • a. eliminated.. decreased
  • b. accounted for.. encouraged
  • c. displaced.. dismantled
  • d. destroyed.. stimulated
  • e. depended on.. established
  • Answer: D

Q. 4
Diversity is essential in spite of the fact that it _______ universal acceptance of a single doctrine.
  • a. underlies
  • b. reserves
  • c. presupposes
  • d. entails
  • e. precludes
  • Answer: E

Q. 5
He makes his attack with a massive display of scholarship but no great _______; all to often the _______ rather than the rapier is his chosen weapon.
  • a. pedantry.. bomb
  • b. elaboration.. axe
  • c. emphasis.. pen
  • d. discrimination.. dart
  • e. subtlety.. bludgeon
  • Answer: A

Q. 6
Her sense of time was oddly _______; ten minutes sometimes seemed like an hour.
  • a. credible
  • b. distorted
  • c. idealized
  • d. consistent
  • e. formidable
  • Answer: B

Q. 7
Narrowing the eyes when startled by a sudden noise or a noxious stimulus is _______ response, serving to reduce the exposure of sense organs to injury.
  • a. an imaginative
  • b. a protective
  • c. a corrective
  • d. a therapeutic
  • e. a therapeutic
  • Answer: E

Q. 8
As a people, the Aztecs were full of contradictions; _______ and yet prizing humility, _______ and yet obliging and kind.
  • a. arrogant.. benevolent
  • b. pious.. gallant
  • c. provincial.. sullen
  • d. tolerant.. competitive
  • e. proud.. implacable
  • Answer: E

Q. 9
His brilliant prose style is sometimes _______ by his lapses into _______ respecting and pretentious languages.
  • a. achieved.. facile
  • b. extended.. whimsical
  • c. disrupted.. understated
  • d. anticipated.. personal
  • e. marred.. banal
  • Answer: E

Q. 10
The study crowds and groups is more than _______ in an age characterized by interdependence and _______ action.
  • a. academic.. collective
  • b. difficult.. intellectual
  • c. vigorous.. assertive
  • d. erudite.. formal
  • e. general.. specific
  • Answer: A

Q. 11
My suggestions was not so casual as it appeared; I _______ mentioned the election because I know that she wanted to discuss it.
  • a. ineptly
  • b. incessantly
  • c. inadvertently
  • d. intentionally
  • e. inconsiderately
  • Answer: D

Q. 12
Bureaucratic squabbles can tie up the government for years and _______ domestic and international problems to the point of _______.
  • a. magnify.. manageability
  • b. reduce.. indignation
  • c. intensity.. crisis
  • d. weaken.. nonexistence
  • e. simplify.. triviality
  • Answer: C

Q. 13
Though there was much _______ among critics over whether or not the play portrayed the “real” Paul Robeson, James Earl Jones’s performance ws _______ deemed outstanding by audiences and critics.
  • a. commentary.. silently
  • b. controversy.. unanimously
  • c. harassment.. evasively
  • d. disappointment.. instructively
  • e. discussion.. privately
  • Answer: B

Q. 14
Today science, like philosophy, has been _______ in scope: each has _______ its claim to survey all existence and has accepted a province which, it great, is yet smaller than the whole.
  • a. limited.. reiterated
  • b. narrowed.. resigned
  • c. expanded.. repudiated
  • d. fluctuating.. denied
  • e. receding.. amplified
  • Answer: B

Q. 15
Extremist advocates of the occult claim that existing systems of scientific though must at least be modified, it not _______.
  • a. evaluated
  • b. supplemented
  • c. incorporated
  • d. implemented
  • e. overturned
  • Answer: E

Score: 0/15