Practice Test 1

Q. 1
When giving health education to a group of skin cancer patients, which of the following statements would the nurse exclude in the education?
  • a. Encouraging the patients to apply sun-screen lotion during outdoor activities
  • b. Encouraging the patients to look for any lesions in the body
  • c. Encouraging the patients to wear sun-glasses during outdoor activities
  • d. Encouraging the patients to avoid sun exposure after 3 pm
  • e. Encouraging the patients to wear a hat
  • Answer: A

Q. 2
When endo-tracheal tube is removed in a patient after radical neck dissection, which of the following signs in the patient should the nurse report to the physician?
  • a. Respiratory rate of 24 breaths per minute
  • b. Occasional pink sputum
  • c. Occasional cough
  • d. Occasional sputum
  • e. Stridor
  • Answer: A

Q. 3
Which one of the following factors is not a contributor to skin cancer?
  • a. Multiple nevi
  • b. Repeated exposure to x-rays
  • c. Scars from diseases and burns
  • d. Exposure to coal for prolonged years
  • e. Residing in a decreased elevation
  • Answer: A

Q. 4
In which stage of liver cancer does metastasis occur?
  • a. Stage 1
  • b. Stage 2
  • c. Stage 3
  • d. Stage 4
  • e. Stage 5
  • Answer: A

Q. 5
Which one of the following cancers affects the lymphatic system?
  • a. Acute leukemia
  • b. Lymphoma
  • c. Myeloma
  • d. Chronic leukemia
  • e. Chronic myeloma
  • Answer: A

Q. 6
Which of the following stages of stomach cancer is limited to the inner lining of stomach?
  • a. Stage 0
  • b. Stage I
  • c. Stage II
  • d. Stage III
  • e. Stage IV
  • Answer: A

Q. 7
Which of the following forms of liver cancer starts in the blood vessels of the liver?
  • a. Sarcoma
  • b. Cholangiocarcinoma
  • c. Hemangiosarcoma
  • d. Lymphoma
  • e. Hepatoblastoma
  • Answer: A

Q. 8
Which of the following therapies of lung cancer uses the agent porphyrin?
  • a. Photodynamic therapy
  • b. Prophylactic brain radiation
  • c. Brachytherapy
  • d. Chemotherapy
  • e. Radiofrequency ablation
  • Answer: A

Q. 9
Which of the following psychiatric conditions is associated with pancreatic cancer?
  • a. Mania
  • b. Depression
  • c. Schizophrenia
  • d. Obsession
  • e. Schizoid personality
  • Answer: A

Q. 10
Which of the following is not a cause for esophageal cancer?
  • a. Alcohol addiction
  • b. Corrosive injury
  • c. Achalasia
  • d. GERD
  • e. Drinking cool drinks
  • Answer: A

Q. 11
In which stage of Hodgkin???s lymphoma does spleen get affected?
  • a. Stage I
  • b. Stage II
  • c. Stage III
  • d. Stage IV
  • e. Stage V
  • Answer: A

Q. 12
Which one of the following signs or symptoms is absent in renal cell carcinoma?
  • a. Hematuria
  • b. Malaise
  • c. Erythrocytosis
  • d. Hypertension
  • e. Occasional fever
  • Answer: A

Q. 13
Which one of the following is not a risk factor for breast cancer?
  • a. Lobular carcinoma in situ
  • b. Typical hyperplasia
  • c. Genetical pre-disposition
  • d. Obesity
  • e. Smoking tobacco
  • Answer: A

Q. 14
In which stage of ovarian cancer does liver get affected?
  • a. Stage I
  • b. Stage II
  • c. Stage III
  • d. Stage IV
  • e. Stage V
  • Answer: A

Q. 15
Which one of the following cancers is dur to the mutation of BRCA 1?
  • a. Liver cancer
  • b. Testicular cancer
  • c. Gall bladder cancer
  • d. Bile-duct cancer
  • e. Melanoma
  • Answer: A

Score: 0/15