Q. 1
Despite her fear of heights, she was _______ to be so far up the mountain
  • a. dismayed
  • b. unwilling
  • c. ashamed
  • d. thrilled
  • e. alarmed
  • Answer: D

Q. 2
Many of Eleanor-Roosevelt’s harshest critics during the years she lived in the White House late _______ her compassion for all people and praised her work to _______ social justice.
  • a. reemphasized.. spread
  • b. vindicated.. dispel
  • c. overlooked.. declare
  • d. denied.. repress
  • e. acknowledged.. promote
  • Answer: E

Q. 3
Eric maintained the poet, perhaps the most _______ of the Romantic and thus most likely to be ruled by emotion, nevertheless may have possessed a greater capacity for _______ than his famous contemporaries.
  • a. severe.. feeling
  • b. exuberant.. enjoyment
  • c. passionate.. discipline
  • d. delicate.. exaggeration
  • e. ruminative.. observation
  • Answer: C

Q. 4
Freedom for Hanson meant experiencing _______ previously _______; once unable to do more than peer over prison walls, he could now wander wherever he pleased.
  • a. a visibility.. unexpected
  • b. an incarceration.. unknown
  • c. an isolation.. threatening
  • d. a notoriety.. inconceivable
  • e. a mobility.. unattainable
  • Answer: E

Q. 5
The puzzles that physicists solve are usually those lying about in plain sight, often things so _______ that they are overlooked by all but the keenest observers.
  • a. hidden
  • b. vital
  • c. ordinary
  • d. vague
  • e. small
  • Answer: C

Q. 6
The attorney general was _______ woman, and even on those _______ occasions where she did lose her temper, she quickly regined her natural imperturbability.
  • a. a trying.. rare
  • b. a peaceable.. infrequent
  • c. an informed.. memorable
  • d. a belligerent.. challenging
  • e. an inarticulate .. particular
  • Answer: B

Q. 7
The metric system is deliberately designed to be simple arithmetically and yet capable of _______ expansion as it becomes necessary to _______ new units of measure.
  • a. confusing.. record
  • b. mathematical.. memorize
  • c. rigid.. discard
  • d. indefinite.. invent
  • e. limited.. correct
  • Answer: D

Q. 8
Carios Saura is not given to explicit statement; his films, which seem hazy because of their psychological _______.
  • a. causality
  • b. poignancy
  • c. conditioning
  • d. allusiveness
  • e. ardor
  • Answer: D

Q. 9
Instances of reticence in the ancient chronicler’s recording of calamitous events may simply be an indication of _______ to appear critical of the pharaoh’s handling of such _______ situations.
  • a. predisposition.. stressful
  • b. refusal.. promising
  • c. tendency.. catastrophic
  • d. reluctance.. adverse
  • e. aversion.. trivial
  • Answer: D

Q. 10
“Meaning” and “truth” are profound and yet _______ pms, for they seem to resist even out most determined attempts at definitive explanation.
  • a. equivocal
  • b. manageable
  • c. insignificant
  • d. unwarranted
  • e. tractable
  • Answer: A

Q. 11
A number of American Indian nations have moved to _______ and operate their own private college in response to the perceived inadequacies of mainstream higher education:
  • a. establish
  • b. educate
  • c. restrict
  • d. foreclose
  • e. examine
  • Answer: A

Q. 12
In her crusade to make public servants accountable to voters, she _______ the nation’s unscrupulous and self-indulgent politicians.
  • a. exposed
  • b. dramatized
  • c. accepted
  • d. foreshadowed
  • e. promoted
  • Answer: A

Q. 13
In an effort to _______ the sensations of flight during raining sessions, computer technicians electronically _______ images realistic enough to convince pilots, at least momentarily, that they are actually flying.
  • a. bunteract.. project
  • b. raggerate.. reproduce
  • c. duplicate.. erase
  • d. mulate.. compose
  • e. iminate.. devise
  • Answer: D

Q. 14
Until the nineteenth century, history was largely written by private scholars and literary amateurs and was not seen as an _______, but rather as a branch of iterator.
  • a. artifact
  • b. entity
  • c. offshoot
  • d. accomplishment
  • e. undertaking
  • Answer: B

Q. 15
Some philosophers believe that what we call reality items from our education and is, therefore, merely we _______ of our own _______.
  • a. syntheis.. innateness
  • b. antithesis.. heritage
  • c. personification.. understanding
  • d. awareness.. observation
  • e. consequence.. conditioning
  • Answer: E

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