Biology Practice Test 3

Q. 1
The semi fluid mass of partly digested food is called chyme. Formation of chyme takes place in
  • a. Mouth
  • b. Small intestine
  • c. Large intestine
  • d. Liver
  • e. Stomach
  • Answer: A

Q. 2
Which of the following kinds of signalling occurs when the cells communicate with each other through direct contact?
  • a. Endocrine signalling
  • b. Paracrine signalling
  • c. Juxtacrine signalling
  • d. Intracrine signalling
  • e. None of the above
  • Answer: A

Q. 3
Chains of sarcomeres in muscles are organized into
  • a. Sarcolemma
  • b. Sarcoplasm
  • c. Myoblasts
  • d. Myofibrils
  • e. Fascia
  • Answer: A

Q. 4
Which of the given organelles is not present in animal cells?
  • a. Nucleus
  • b. Golgi apparatus
  • c. Lysosome
  • d. Leucoplast
  • e. Mitochondria
  • Answer: A

Q. 5
The adipose tissue plays role in
  • a. Pigment storage
  • b. Fat storage
  • c. Stretching
  • d. Binding organs
  • e. None of the above
  • Answer: A

Q. 6
The shortest phase of cardiac cycle is
  • a. Atrial systole
  • b. Ventricular systole
  • c. Atrial diastole
  • d. Ventricular diastole
  • e. Equal duration for A and B
  • Answer: A

Q. 7
Implantation is the process where
  • a. The blastocyst becomes embedded in the endometrium.
  • b. The sperm nuclei fuse with the egg nuclei
  • c. Loss of the lining of endometrium takes place
  • d. The gastrula becomes embedded in the endometrium
  • e. None of the above
  • Answer: A

Q. 8
Acceptor stem is present in
  • a. tRNA
  • b. rRNA
  • c. siRNA
  • d. mRNA
  • e. hnRNA
  • Answer: A

Q. 9
In the process of animal development, gastrulation is represented as
  • a. Gamete to zygote
  • b. Zygote to blastula
  • c. Blastula to gastrula
  • d. Gastrula to neurula
  • e. None of the above
  • Answer: A

Q. 10
A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system is called
  • a. Entropy
  • b. Enthalpy
  • c. Potential energy
  • d. Kinetic energy
  • e. None of the above
  • Answer: A

Q. 11
In amphibian, vitellogenin is synthesized by
  • a. Oocyte
  • b. Uterus
  • c. Liver
  • d. Spleen
  • e. Intestine
  • Answer: A

Q. 12
The state of a neuron which inhibits the generation of action potential is said to be
  • a. Depolarized
  • b. Repolarized
  • c. Hyperpolarized
  • d. Resting potential
  • e. A, B and D
  • Answer: A

Q. 13
The term ???staminate??? refers to
  • a. Unisexual male flower bearing stamens
  • b. Unisexual female flower bearing pistils
  • c. Bisexual flower bearing stamens and pistils
  • d. Unisexual male flower bearing pistils
  • e. Unisexual female flower bearing stamens
  • Answer: A

Q. 14
Which protein is targeted by cholera toxin?
  • a. G proteins
  • b. Actin
  • c. Permease
  • d. Vinculin
  • e. Vitonectin
  • Answer: A

Q. 15
The process of delivery of foetus is called
  • a. Implantation
  • b. Lactation
  • c. Parturition
  • d. Fertilization
  • e. None of the above
  • Answer: A

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