PCAT Vocabulary Words

Information about PCAT Vocabulary Words

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) has developed a standardized aptitude test exclusively for the selection of potential candidates with required competencies relevant to pharmacy programs. This is known as the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). This test is also a prerequisite for admission in many pharmacy programs.

The PCAT test is a comprehensive test involving around 240 multiple-choice questions along with 2 writing assignments. The test lasts for around 4 hours and has 6 time-bound test sections with questions based on Verbal Ability, Quantitative, Biology, Chemistry, Reading Comprehension and Writing. Only a high score on this test would help you start your career in the professional line of pharmacy.

Enhancing Your Score through PCAT Vocabulary Words:

The testing structure has a major part of this test involving English language and its concepts. The Verbal Ability section is solely designed to test the knowledge of the candidate’s vocabulary. However, the Reading Comprehension section is created to test the logical reasoning of a candidate through analogies, inferences etc. The Writing section is designed to test the candidates written skills.

It should be known that you would require the knowledge of vocabulary words for all of these sections. In fact, if you develop a good vocabulary for this test, you can easily enhance your overall test score.

Preparation Resources for PCAT Vocabulary:

You might come across many study resources for words; however, it is essential to select study material only from reliable sources. It is equally important for you to verify the quality of the content through online forums and check with the user ratings provided by students.

There are so many interactive study aids available in the market. Apart from comprehensive study guides, there are flashcards developed exclusively for the vocabulary words. The information about such prominent interactive study aids and other reliable study resources for vocabulary has been enlisted below:

Online Vocabulary Flashcards for PCAT :

These flashcards are nothing but cue cards created to simplify complex words with their meanings, synonyms, antonyms and usage. Moreover, there are numerous other researched study techniques used like interactive games and online practice tests. The links for some websites for this test is mentioned below:

It should be known that these flashcards are also available in the offline market. Some of the well-known study flashcards of PCAT are:

Other PCAT Study Guides:

However, merely preparing for vocabulary through flashcards is not enough. It is equally important to develop written skills for the writing section. Thus, you might have to rely on other resources for proper sentence construction and grammatical usage.

There are other study resources which many candidates prefer investing in. These are comprehensive guides which provide problem solving strategies for all test sections including information on vocabulary words of PCAT. The names and purchase links for some of these guides are mentioned below:

It is important to develop and prepare for vocab in order to do well in this test. It should be known that a high score on this test can get into a good pharmacy program. Hence, you should focus all your energy and utilize every available resource so that your overall performance in this test can be maximized.