PCAT Study Guides

How to Study from PCAT Study Guides?

Study guides of PCAT are the study resources that PCAT test takers are advised to use for reference, before taking this test. A good quality study guide will not only contain an abundance of practice questions (which most study guides commonly contain), but will also have effective test preparation and test taking strategies. A good PCAT guide is expected to contain information that clarifies the concepts that are tested in this Pharmacy aptitude test. It is expected to be focused on the test content areas and skill requirements, and streamline a test taker’s preparation towards achieving perfection in these aspects.

You may come across a number of study books in the market that are loaded with a lot of information, but yet fail to efficiently aid a student in his or her preparation. This is because the content of these study guides may be expressed in a form that is difficult for the test preparer to understand. Hence, it is important for a study guide to not only contain a lot of information, but also present it in a simple and interesting way to the readers, so that they can assimilate its contents to the maximum extent.

Review of PCAT Study Guides

The official test website offers practice tests (http://www.pcatweb.info/Practice-Test.php), but does not offer any study guide. Hence, one should purchase study guides from other publishers of PCAT study content. Some good study guides are reviewed as follows:

  • Dr. Collin’s PCAT Study Guide- Rated as one of the best study guides of PCAT by its readers, this book has a large number of practice tests with their solutions. This book has got enough recommendations from persons who have cleared the test, because of its commendable contribution to their success in this test. This book scores high on subject matter organization and depth. Its high price has not discouraged the test takers from purchasing it, and this customer behavior is proof to the fact that this study guide can give complete satisfaction to its readers. Some customers refer to this as the sole reference book for the test.
  • Studyzone’s Free PCAT Study Guide (http://www.studyguidezone.com/pdfs/pcatteststudyguide.pdf) – This guide, with a hundred and eighty four pages of exhaustive study material, comes with a couple of advantages:
    1. It is free
    2. It is downloadable

    Though offered for free, this seems to be one of the best PCAT guides, as it addresses each and every section of the test in an in-depth manner. There are adequate numbers of practice tests pertaining to content areas to be tested in PCAT. This study guide explains the test format and preparation strategies very well.

  • Mometrix PCAT Secrets Study Guide (http://www.mo-media.com/pcat/) – The Mometrix Secrets series of study guides have always been considered as one of the most effective study resources, and the PCAT study guide from this publication is no different when it comes to reader satisfaction. It is one of the best preparation guides, as it is designed by a team of expert PCAT exam researchers who have diligently researched on the examination format and its problem areas, and have come up with effective solutions for the same.
  • The PCAT Professor Study Guide (http://www.pcatprofessor.com/)- This feature-rich study guide is packed with a number of practice tests, full length lessons, interactive lessons and various study tools. This study guide seems to convey that by using it your experience of the test will be a cakewalk.

How to Study From PCAT Study Guides?

Good preparation starts with purchasing a good study guide. However, success in the PCAT is not ensured by merely possessing a study guide or reading through it without a proper strategy. Even the best study books cannot help you to pass this pharmacy aptitude test with good scores, if you do not know how to make the best use of them. So listed below are some ways which you can follow to derive maximum benefit from your study guide:

  1. Consult a PCAT expert on the study guide you should purchase; if not, go by reviews of different study guides
  2. Find out the best study strategies to work on the study guides. Usually these are given in the editorial sections of the study guides that you have purchased.
  3. Follow the study strategies mentioned in the study guides, religiously. Do not be tempted to start working on the test guides in a non-methodical manner by working on the test content areas that interest you and ignoring the ones that do not interest you.


There are many study guides of PCAT available in the markets. However, purchasing a good study guide and knowing how to use it most effectively, constitute the key to your success in the test.