PCAT Registration

Step-by-step PCAT Registration Guide

The PCAT test is an assessment exam for the students trying to gain admissions to certain pharmacy colleges in the U.S. It measures the academic skills of the pharmacy program entrants and helps colleges pick the right students. The test includes several sub-tests in 6 key subject areas; namely, Writing, Reading, Verbal Ability, Chemistry, Biology and Quantitative Ability. The first step towards taking this test would be registering for it. This article focuses on the registration process of the test and provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the same.

PCAT Step-by-step Registration Process:

Step 1: Select Your Colleges/Universities
Before you begin the registration process, you must know which colleges you are applying to and sending the PCAT score transcripts to. Hence, you must review the admission deadlines, test rules and requirements of every college in your list before you proceed further.
Step 2: Review Testing Windows
Your next step in the registration process is to decide when you would like to take the test. The test may be taken within certain testing windows published annually by the Pearson Test Center administration. Each testing window is associated with early & late registration and cancellation deadlines. Moreover, you have to ensure that your testing date allows enough time for the score transcripts to reach the selected colleges before their respective admission deadlines. Usually, the official score transcripts are mailed within 5 weeks of the testing window. You must visit the official website – http://www.pcatweb.info/ to review the latest information on testing windows and their associated deadlines.
Step 3: Review Special Testing Arrangements
Any applicant having physical disabilities or restrictions, may request for special testing arrangements, completely free of cost. However, all the necessary documentation supporting such requests must be submitted, possibly within the early registration deadline and no later than the late registration deadline of the selected testing window. To learn about the process to request for such arrangements, please download and review these 2 documents; namely, “Accommodations for Candidates With Disabilities” and “Documentation Instructions and HIPAA Form” from http://www.pcatweb.info/Resources.php.
Step 4: Review Fees
If the registration is completed within the early registration deadline, then only a normal registration fee is applicable. This fee covers for an unofficial score report at the end of the test, an online official score report and score transcripts to 3 universities/colleges as selected during the registration. The official score report is valid up-to one year after your test date. Moreover, if you would like to send your transcripts to more than 3 recipients, then additional fees per transcript will be applicable. Any registration that is done beyond the early deadline will incur a late registration fee. To review all the fee details, you may visit this link – http://www.pcatweb.info/downloads/about/FeesandSpecialServices.pdf
Step 5: Register for PCAT
Firstly, you must create a log-in id to the official test website. Next, keep a credit card ready for the registration. Now, you may register for the test by following the test registration link on the same website. While registering, you must keep the following points in mind:

  • Make sure all the personal information you enter is accurate. Any inaccuracies will cause the registration to be rejected.
  • The name of the applicants must exactly match the ones on their ID cards, so that there is no confusion on the day of testing. Also, the credit card billing address must be entered correctly.
  • Please note that you may register only once during a particular testing window. If you happen to be taking the test a second time, you must register and schedule in a different testing window.
  • If you are registering for the 6th time or more, you are required to submit additional documentation to support the request.

To review all the steps involved in the actual registration, please visit this link – www.pcatweb.info/downloads/Register_and_Schedule/RegisteringfortheTest.pdf.

Step 6: Review Your Registration Confirmation
After you complete the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation to your registered email-id. The email will contain all the details you have entered in the previous step and the instructions to be followed to schedule the actual test. If there are any mistakes in the personal details in the confirmation, you must contact the test administration no later than the late registration deadline and have the errors corrected.
Step 7: Schedule Your Test
You must follow the instructions in the above-mentioned email confirmation to schedule the actual test at a convenient date, time and Pearson test location. Once you have completed the scheduling, you will receive a schedule confirmation email, that you must take to the test center on the day of testing. More details on scheduling the test are available at www.pearsonvue.com/pcat.

If you are scheduling for the first time, you will be required to create a user-id on this website.

To Reschedule or Cancel the PCAT Test

One may also face the need to reschedule or cancel the PCAT test appointment sought. In that case, you may reschedule the test at www.pearsonvue.com/pcat, by logging in with the original user id and password that you created in the previous step. If you would like to cancel the test, you must cancel your scheduled appointment at the Pearson website and also cancel your registration at the official website. If you cancel prior to the cancellation deadline for your testing window, you may receive a partial refund of your registration fees.

We hope this article has given you a clear idea on how to complete the complex registration process of PCAT. For more details, you may visit the official test website.