Courses for PCAT

5 Essentials of a Good PCAT Course

The courses for PCAT are the preparatory programs that test takers join for obtaining guidance in their preparation for the test. The test courses are offered both online and offline. As a number of coaching centers are providing the preparatory courses in the present times, one should be able to distinguish between good quality and bad quality coaching houses, and join the good quality ones. The official examination authorities ( do not seem to be offering any test courses, though they have a downloadable practice material on their website. Hence, one has to search for unofficial, yet good coaching houses.

Review of Popular PCAT Courses

The courses are offered by a number of coaching organizations both in the online and classroom modes. The courses offered by a few good coaching houses are discussed below:

  • Kaplan Test Prep ( – Kaplan is a very reputed name in the coaching industry. They have a proven track record of producing toppers. This coaching institute offersdifferent modes to suit the varied lesson-reception modes of students. The Advantage-On Site and Advantage-Anywhere are a couple of PCAT preparation courses that Kaplan offers to its students. The Advantage-On Site course is offered in a face-to-face classroom mode. The Advantage-Anywhere course is an online course which can be taken by students from any location. Personalized tutoring and feedbacks are the characteristic features of the Kaplan preparation courses. The teaching staff of this coaching house takes complete care of all aspects of preparation, and test takers can depend upon Kaplan for all their coaching resources and guidance.
  • BenchPrep PCAT Prep Course ( – This course, offered by BenchPrep, is the one for you, if you cannot attend classroom courses, but still want to access the courseware from wherever you are. You need not specifically have a computer to access the BenchPrep study material as they are also accessible over the IPhone, IPad and Android. Hence, you can work on these resources from any place convenient to you. By enrolling for BenchPrep test course, you can spend time on exam preparation even when you are on the move and not able to access your computer.
  • Midwestern University PCAT Review Course ( – The preparatory course offered by the Midwestern University can be considered as one of the most authentic courses being offered. This is because the college is a pharmacy college and taking coaching for Pharmacy courses from professors of Pharmacy colleges can ensure high quality teaching.
  • The PCAT Prep Class ( – With over 18 years of experience in conducting preparation courses, the PCAT Prep Class is still one of the colleges that is high in demand for test courses. By joining these classes, you will get enough time to spend with subject matter experts. Apart from test lessons, you will also be given review handouts and other study resources.

5 Essentials of a Good PCAT Course

Discussed below are 5 essential factors that a test taker must consider before choosing the test courses:

  1. Enrol in PCAT courses offered by authorised coaching centers- The test courses may be offered by a number of preparation centers, but one should opt for enrolling in courses conducted by only those preparation centers which are authorized to conduct these courses.
  2. Enrol in PCAT courses offered by coaching centers of repute- Coaching centers with a good reputation would provide quality services. If you want to enrol in preparation courses offered by newly established coaching centers, you will have to first check its credentials for authenticity.
  3. A good PCAT course will be competent enough to serve as the sole guide for PCAT- A good course will contain all types of study aids for PCAT and will serve as a self-sufficient unit of reference. It will contain not only practice tests, but will also have fully explained lessons and study strategies.
  4. A good PCAT course is delivered by PCAT subject matter experts- Always opt for a test course which is delivered by persons who have passed the test with very good scores. People who are well qualified in the content areas that are tested in PCAT, but are not certified, are not as competent as the certified coaches to conduct the courses. This is because the persons belonging to the latter category have valuable experience with them which they can share with the preparers.
  5. A good PCAT course will be easily understood and remembered by PCAT test preparers- Often, the courses are too hard, for a majority of exam preparers, to understand. Hence, these test preparers find such courses hardly helpful. The test courses, which are designed with the objective of easy understanding and memorization by readers, will be of great help to the exam preparers.


Joining good test courses will greatly increase the chances of performing well in PCAT. However, selecting a good course, out of the hundreds available, is a more preliminary step to be taken.