ParaPro Test Preparation

ParaPro test is one its kinds. It is apparent that candidates who plan to take the test have never taken such a test before. For them it might seem that they are headed towards an unknown and strange test, which adds to the already existing anxiety. However, with proper preparation it is not only possible to get over this feeling of anxiety, but it is also possible to emerge through it with flying colors.

Why is ParaPro Preparation Required?

This is a test of basic skills in reading, writing and math. However, the way these skills are tested is specific to the design of the test. The candidates are not only required to know the subject area well, but it is also required to know the job of a paraprofessional. Hence, they need to be able to assist in imparting education to children in classrooms. This makes it challenging for the candidates as their capabilities of assisting classroom instruction is put to test through this tests.
Moreover, it is a test that provides you with the opportunity to brighten your future prospects as a paraprofessional. The test is in accordance with the “No Child Left Behind Act” and hence is elementary to the teaching profession. Having a credential that represents outstanding talent in teaching can boost your career opportunities and portray you as an ‘in-demand’ paraprofessional.
Preparation is hence required to fulfill these objectives, which is the dream of every candidate. Although you can retake the test if you have not been able to score well, retaking it without preparation is of no use. The score report mentions the highest score obtained by you in the past 10 years if you have taken it multiple times. However, one must consider the scope of scoring high without preparation. Taking a retest without preparation would hardly make any difference to your score, unless you have a solid reason for your non-performance. Moreover, studying the same things over and over again for retests makes the candidate fed up of the study material and he is unable to prepare in the required manner. Hence, the meaning of taking retests is lost. Therefore, you must make it a point to put in your best in the first attempt itself.

ParaPro Preparation Requirements
Before starting preparation, you should know the requirements for preparing for the test. You require some basic study tools as well as mental preparation before you take a plunge into preparation.

Tools for ParaPro Preparation – You need to collect tools like study books, software, notes, sample questions and practice tests. Apart from these study tools, you need to have some tools to provide you information about the test and its features. These tools may be the official website or official manual, that can help in understanding the test well. You also need some source that provides you with tips and strategies to perform well in the test.

Mental Preparation for ParaPro – The candidate must be mentally prepared to give in his best in the coming days of preparation. Hence, he should be motivated and focused to do well in the test. If need be, motivation can be sought from a guide or expert. Moreover, one should be mentally prepared to devote time and concentration to preparation for the test. Preparatory time is such that one has to stay away from other distractions and engagements and devote quality time to preparation. Generally, it takes about 5 to 6 weeks of good preparation to fare well in the test, but slow learners or those with very low preparation levels may need more time. Hence, such things should be clear from the start, which helps students to focus better on preparation.

How to Prepare for ParaPro
In order to have a better experience of preparation it is important to think over every aspect of preparation that would affect the final score. Therefore, one needs to plan out a strategy and execute it with seriousness. The following steps help to form and organize your preparatory work to a great extent.

    • Planning the study routine – It has been proved time and again that devising a preparation plan and following it religiously will not leave you in a soup in the end. A plan makes it possible to cover all essentials of test preparation within time.
    • Gaining knowledge about ParaPro test structure – Preparation must include getting familiar with the test. You must improve your knowledge about the features of the test, like the number of questions, the types of questions, the time allotted for the test, the content asked in the test, etc. This knowledge helps to make you aware and confident about preparation.
    • Putting the plan into action – This step of preparation requires commitment as well as proper sources. Commitment is the force behind preparation and it comes from within or by external motivation. Sources, on the other hand are the means to make preparation a reality. It is essential to get hold of good books, activity classes, courses etc. for strong preparation. Sources are not only required to support learning of skills, but they also must have means to make the candidate learn the art of training. It is with this art that they develop the skill of applying their knowledge. Hence, preparation should involve activities, lectures, assignments etc. which help to develop the required skills.
    • Practice – This is yet another essential part of preparation.  You need to practice for the following:
    • Practice for answering the types of questions asked in the test.
    • Practice for questions of all six categories of the test.
    • Practice for sitting for 2 ½ hours to complete the test.
    • Practice concentrating on the question.
    • Practice time saving strategies during the test.
  • Practice other test taking strategies to help you score better.

The best way to achieve all these goals of practice is to solve sample questions and take practice tests. Collecting sample questions and solving them on a regular basis must be included in preparation activities.

Test Preparation Offered by ETS
ETS offers free as well as priced test preparation materials. Free preparation materials contain downloadable and printable forms of information about the test in the guide called ParaPro Assessment Test at a Glance. This helps you to have a look at the test features for better understanding of the test. There is another booklet called Reducing Test Anxiety thatis offered by ETS for reducing anxiety related to taking the test. A free online tutorial offers assistance in following the types of questions asked in the test. It also explains all the required steps of assessment.
There are three priced preparation sources which are available in print as well as e-book versions. The three sources are as follows:

  • ParaPro Assessment Study Guide
  • ParaPro Practice Test
  • ParaPro Assessment Study Guide and Practice Test Bundle

These preparation materials can be purchased by placing an order either online or through the telephone services of ETS.

As long as you have time on your side, you have control over preparation. Putting this time to use can reap the results that you desire. That is why you must make the best use of this time before it is too late.