Test Preparation for MTTC

If you wish to teach in schools in the state of Michigan, you will have to pass the MTTC (Michigan Test for Teacher Certification). As in the case of most tests, you cannot hope for passing MTTC without adequate preparation. However, before you get down to thinking of passing the test, you need to be aware of the various aspects of how the test is conducted and how it is scored or else you will not be able to achieve your aim of teaching in Michigan schools.

MTTC: The First Step

The first step to be taken for taking the MTTC is to visit the official website, www.mttc.nesinc.com and understand the requirements for the earning the type of teaching certificate that you wish to apply for. MTTC consists of a series of tests. You will have to take a specific set of tests depending upon the requirements for the teaching certificate that you have applied for. Once you have identified the tests that you have to take, then you will have to find out the following for each test:

  1. The test content
  2. Types of questions that will be asked
  3. Objectives and subareas
  4. Scoring procedure

This information for each test is available on the official website. The test content, objectives and subareas will be different for each test. There are two types of questions that are asked in each test: Multiple-choice questions and performance assignments. The number of multiple-choice questions and performance assignments that will be asked will vary from test to test. Certain tests will not consist of performance assignments at all. Your scaled test scores will depend on the number of multiple-choice questions that you have answered correctly along with your performance in the performance assignments, if any. The performance assignments will be assessed separately but you will have to attempt each performance assignment presented in order to qualify for passing the test taken. The scaled scores range from 100 to 300. There is no penalty for incorrect answers given by you. The minimum scores required for passing the tests is 220.

Manage your Time

The most important aspect of preparing for MTTC is to manage your time well. Lack of time management leads to inefficient and ineffective planning for taking the test, leading to undesired results. Not putting in enough effort in preparing for the tests and just hoping for the best will not lead you anywhere. There is a need to avoid being disorganized and to manage the time available at hand wisely. The time that you have with you for preparing for the test starts from the time you decide to take the test right until the test date. You do not have to wait till registering for the test to start preparing for it. You must start preparing for the test at the earliest and do not wait until the week before the test date to commence your test prep. Here are some important aspects of time management that need to be adhered to for an effective approach to preparing for MTTC.

    • Ensure that you are well aware of the registration deadlines for the test date on which you have to take the test. You can check the details regarding the regular, late and emergency registration periods for each test administration from the official website of the test.
    • Work out a study plan and set aside separate time slots for each test section of the test that you are taking. A study routine based on the time slots that you have set for yourself needs to be followed on a daily basis. Do not concentrate on a particular test section and do not ignore other test sections completely.
  • The test content for each MTTC test is divided into subareas defined by the objectives of that test. Go to the official website, download the study guide for the test that you have to take and understand the objectives. Make sure that you set aside more time for studying for the subareas in which you lack confidence. Your score report will contain a description of how you have fared in the individual subareas for each test and hence you need to prepare for each subarea equally well. However, you cannot pass or fail in an individual subarea.

Maintain a Checklist
A very important step in your preparation for taking the MTTC is to prepare a checklist and stick to it. This checklist should contain a list of the ways for reducing test anxiety and ensure that you utilize each of the methods and uproot all forms of test anxiety from your mind. The easiest and surest way of getting rid of test anxiety is by understanding the test format thoroughly, reviewing the test content and practicing solving problems specific to the test format. Once you are confident of your knowledge of the subject areas being assessed by the MTTC test that you are taking and you know what to expect on the test day, you will no longer suffer from test anxiety and you will definitely do well in the test.

This checklist should also contain a list of useful resources for help in your test preparation. These resources could be collected from people who have already taken the test or are coaching other students to take the test. Use these resources whenever you are in need of assistance for preparing for the test. For instance, if you are not able to get good quality study material for reviewing a specific subject area, you can go over the list of resources you have at hand to see if you can find some useful study material. If you search the internet, you will come across various websites that will help you in your preparation by providing you with prep resources like prep tips, study guides, practice questions, strategies for answering questions correctly etc. Collect all such prep materials and put them to good use.

5 Steps to an Effective MTTC Prep Schedule

1.         Understand the test content: Read the test objectives of each of the MTTC tests that you have to take. Each test has separate test objectives. Don’t rely on common sense for studying for the test. For instance, if you have to take a subject-area test, do not just start studying the basic concepts of the subject area. You need to first understand the objectives of the test so to grasp the subject specific skills that are being assessed by the test

2.         Assess your skill levels: Take a practice test and assess your skill levels and compare them with those required for passing the test.

3.         Earmark your weaknesses: Depending upon your present skill levels, earmark the subject areas in which you need considerable improvement. These are your weaknesses and your preparation should be directed towards improving these subject areas. This does not mean that you should completely ignore the subject areas that are your strengths. You should work on strengthening them further so that you improve your chances of attaining the total passing scores.

4.         Review: Get hold of good study materials and review the test content. Memorise the important facts and figures. Understand the fundamental concepts. Make sure that your knowledge of the subject area is of the level that is required for securing passing scores.

5.         Practice: Your test preparation is incomplete without adequate practice in solving problems specific to the test format. Get hold of sets of practice tests that come with explanations to the correct answers. Learn from the mistakes you commit while attempting the questions. Ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes while taking the actual test. Start your preparation with a review of the test content and start solving practice tests and sample questions as the test date draws closer.

MTTC: The Last Step
MTTC is the last step that you have to take before earning the teaching certificate for the state of Michigan. You would have been planning to pursue a career in education for a very long time and passing this test will put you on the road to achieving your aim. You cannot let your dreams and aspirations bite dust for lack of will power and determination in studying for the test. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you take the MTTC by preparing for it effectively and efficiently to the best of your ability by making the best possible use of the available time and resources!