MTTC Scores

Breakdown of MTTC Scores

Thorough understanding of the scoring system of an examination is essential, in order to evaluate your performance correctly. The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) is no exception to this rule! You must know the breakdown of your exam scores, so that you are able to evaluate your performance and at the same time identify your weaknesses.

The MTTC comprises a battery of tests, which makes analyzing the scoring system all the more complicated. The following sections of this article will help you understand the scoring system, by discussing the breakdown of test scores.

Understanding MTTC Scores

The MTTC primarily consists of multiple-choice questions, with no negative marking for a wrong answer. However, some parts of the examination also consist of ‘performance assignments’, for which you have to write a response to a prompt in the form of an essay. These assignments are evaluated separately, but they form  an essential part of your test scores. Let’s learn more about the scores breakdown and their importance:

  • Analyzing the scoring system for the MTTC ‘Basic Skills test’: This part of the test consists of 3 sub-sections, viz. Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The first 2 sub-parts of the test consist of multiple-choice questions and the last sub-section consists of a written assignment. The total number of correct answers that you give in the first two sub-sections, of the ‘Basic Skills test’ will provide the basic scores. These scores are converted to ‘scaled scores’ with a scale range of 100 to 300. The Writing assignment comprises 20% of the total scores you receive of the ‘Basic Skills test’ and this sub-section is evaluated separately. The minimum score that you have to achieve to pass the ‘Basic Skills test’ is 220. The scores you receive in this part of the test will indicate your academic skills. It is also an indication of your competence in handling basic academic requirements of students and thereby, becoming a successful teacher. Hence, it is important that you score more than the minimum pass marks, to prove your ability to become an educator of merit.
  • Scoring system for MTTC ‘Subject-area tests’: The MTTC has a separate module of test/tests for subjects that are taught in schools of Michigan. On an average, each of the ‘Subject-area tests’ comprise of about 100 multiple-choice questions. The total marks you receive for the correct answers that you give in the multiple-choice questions are converted to ‘scaled scores’. Here too, the minimum marks that you have to achieve to pass the particular ‘Subject-area test’ are 220. The marks you receive in the ‘Subject-area tests’ represent your knowledge and expertise in the particular subjects. It will help the administration of the schools that you apply to, analyze your competence in the subject/subjects and how well you can apply your knowledge. Thus, if you want your application to receive due consideration and a chance to teach the subject of your choice, then you must achieve scores that the well above the minimum marks.
  • Scoring methodology for the ‘performance assignment’ questions: The language ‘Subject-area tests’ consist of separate ‘performance assignment’ questions along with the multiple-choice questions. The scores for the ‘performance assignments’ are reported separately in the score card. The scores you receive in the ‘performance assignment’ test indicate your ability to critically analyze the prompt given (which may be a picture, diagram, question or even a graph) and then express your thoughts through a coherent essay.

The above-mentioned list discusses the breakdown of test scores and also outlines the importance of each type of score. This will help you analyze the objective of the examination and also help you interpret as well as analyze your scores better.

Link to Understand MTTC Scoring System Better

The scoring system used to evaluate the test takes into account a number of parameters, so that your exam scores are a true representation of your academic and pedagogical abilities. If you want to know more about the scoring system then click on the following link:

Good MTTC Scores

The minimum marks to pass any test in the MTTC battery is 220 and hence, scores that are well above the pass marks will be considered good scores. Nevertheless, to understand the importance of the test scores, you must study the list given in the first section of this article. As you understand the scoring methodology, you will be able to decide the scores that you need to achieve to ensure that you become a successful teacher.