MTTC Results

How to Obtain the MTTC Results?

After an exam, the most awaited day is the day the results are declared. Moreover, you must know how to interpret the results and what the test report will contain. In this article, the test report is explained and the method by which you will receive your test results of MTTC is also provided.

When are the results declared?

The results are declared at 10.00 am eastern time on the date specified at Usually the results are declared after four weeks of the test date. Sometimes, there may be delay in publishing the results of a newly developed test because passing standards may not have been decided. Individual results may get delayed due to certain registration problems.

How to obtain the test results?

The exam results are available on the internet at 10.00 am eastern time on the specified date. The results will be available online for 45 days and you can view, print or save them. The results are sent to you, the MDE and the institutions you have mentioned in your registration form. Therefore, you need not submit a copy of your results to any institution.

If you have registered online, you can request that the scores be sent to you by email. In such a case the report is sent as a PDF attachment to the email address you have provided between 5.00 pm and 10.00 pm on the day the results are declared.

If you have registered over phone or by U.S. Mail service, you will receive the report by U.S. Mail at the address you have specified while registering for the test.

What is the passing score in the test?

Your performance is evaluated against a set standard and not against the performance of other examinees. The scores you obtain are converted to scaled scores and the results are declared in the range of 100 to 300 with 220 being the passing score. For the Basic Skills Test, you must pass all the three subtests to obtain the credential. However, you can pass each subtest separately and once you have passed a subtest, you need not reappear for it.

What does the score report contain?

The numeric scores are disclosed only when you have not passed the test. If you have passed the test only the passing status is declared.

Your performance in each sub-area is reported in the results. With this information, you can concentrate more on the areas you have under-performed.

Your performance in the sub-areas is reported as follows:

  • (++++)- In case of multiple-choice questions, this result means that you have answered most of the questions correctly and in case of the performance-assignment type questions, it means that your answer shows strong skills.
  • (+++)- This indicates that you have answered many of the questions correctly in the multiple-choice questions category and that you exhibit satisfactory skills in the performance-assignment type questions.
  • (++)- This indicates that you have answered some of the multiple-choice questions correctly and your answer in the performance-assignment type question shows that you possess limited skills in that area.
  • (+)- If you have answered only a few or none of the multiple-choice questions correctly and your answer to the performance-assignment type question lacks skills, you will be awarded this scale.

How can I obtain additional score reports?

You can log into your account at and follow the instructions provided there for obtaining additional copies of your test results. You can also complete the ‘Test Results Request Form’ and mail it to the Evaluation System. Since the report is available as a PDF document, you can also directly print it from The fee for each additional test report is $15.

How to request for rescoring of the test?

You cannot request for rescoring of the computer-based tests. However, for the paper-based tests, you can submit a hand written request for rescoring. The letter must contain your name, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, the test date, the name and code of the test. $25 is charged for rescoring the multiple-choice questions sections and $30 is charged for Basic Skills essay subtest rescoring.


The result report is elaborate and you can understand the areas where you have not performed up to the expected level. If you have not passed the test, based on these results, you can study harder to pass the test in your subsequent attempt.