MTEL Registration

Taking the MTEL on Time

Test registration and scheduling a test appointment are tasks as important as your test preparation. The necessary information for registering for MTEL can be obtained by selecting the ‘Registering to test’ link on the left menu of the website ( All computer-based MTEL tests can be registered only through the internet whereas three registration options; internet, mail and telephone are available for paper-based tests. The test registration modes are explained in detail below.

Internet Registration

Test registration through internet can be done throughout the year, on all days and at all times. To register, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Create an account to access the online services of the MTEL program through this link You need to select a unique user name and password and enter personal information like your address etc. to create an account.
  2. To register, you can either choose ‘Register Now’ on the official website of the test ( or follow this direct link The instructions provided in the web page guide you through the complete registration process of MTEL.
  3. Once the registration process is complete, you will receive an acknowledgement through e-mail from Evaluation Systems about your registration submission.
  4. Evaluation Systems will also e-mail you an Authorization to Test within one business day of registration submission. It is only after you receive this Authorization to Test that you will be able to schedule a test appointment.
  5. You must note that the Authorization to Test holds good for one year only from the date of issue. Hence, you either need to fix the test appointment and appear for the test or cancel your test registration within the validity period. Otherwise, your authorization will expire and you cannot claim for a refund of your registration fees.
  6. The last step is to schedule your test appointment for which the necessary instructions are provided along with your Authorization to Test. After you complete the test scheduling, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your test appointment and details of your test center.

U.S. Mail Registration

For paper-based tests, registrations can be done through mail. The following steps outline the procedure for U.S. mail registration:

  1. Order a registration form through this link directly or by selecting ‘Print Bulletin and Forms (PDF)’ on the MTEL homepage.
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the bulletin form to fill-in the registration form. You must enter your name exactly the way as it appears on your government-issued identification which you will carry with you at the time of test. Your signature is another important content of the form without which your registration cannot be processed. You must also note that the filled-in registration forms are processed by computer; hence, a photocopied or fax copy of the registration form is not acceptable.
  3. Enclose registration fees in the form of check or money order in U.S. dollars. If you are registering by the late registration deadline, remember to include the charges towards late registration as well. Also, note that all payment vouchers need to be original and photocopies of vouchers will not be accepted.
  4. Enclose all the documents that are required for the process of registration.
  5. Cross-check with the ‘Registration Checklist’ link on the website so that all the required registration materials are included in your envelope.
  6. Verify the postage specifications and send your registration envelope to Evaluation Systems.
  7. Once your test registration is processed, you will receive your admission ticket by mail. If there is a delay in receiving your admission ticket, contact Evaluation Systems.

Telephone Registration

Only re-registrations are allowed through telephone by the regular and late registration deadlines, that is, registrations for candidates who have attempted the test previously. However, registration for MTEL by the emergency deadline can be done over the telephone by all test takers. The details and procedure for telephone registration can be obtained through this link

Tips to Take the MTEL test on Time

  1. Read and note the test dates and deadlines correctly.
  2. Be aware of the registration processing times for both test formats.
  3. For mail registrations, if you are mailing your registration envelope too close to the deadlines, you can consider sending your materials through one of the U.S. Postal Service expedited delivery services.

With the availability of detailed instructions on the official website, your test registration is an easy process. All that you need to do is read and grasp the details of registration process carefully in order to register for the MTEL on time.