5 Essentials of MTEL Prep

If you seek an educator’s license for prekindergarten to grade 12, then the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) is your prerequisite. This test was formulated by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for educational professionals who want to be certified with a license to teach. It ensures that the future educationalists are competent as subject matter experts and well proficient in interactive communication with students, parents, guardians and their co-tutors.

The MTEL is a computer-based assessment test to judge the communication and knowledge savvy subject expertise alongside definite & effective comprehensive reading and writing skills. The test takes you through a set of multiple-choice and open response questions and the duration for each sub test is 4 hours. A pivotal factor that one needs to stress upon is the preparation, for adequate preparation and knowledge about the test is essential in order to get licensed.

MTEL Licensure

MTEL tests a candidate in the following, namely;

  1. Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests
  2. Preliminary Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
  3. Provisional/ Professional Adult Basic Education Test

5 Essential Factors for MTEL Prep

Before heading towards the preparation for MTEL, one must have a complete know-how about the test, its objectives, the varied sub tests that need to be taken in order to gain the desired license, study tools and tutorials. Let us discuss in detail about the varied sources of preparation. The official website offers a pool of resources for your preparation at no cost.

  1. Test Objectives: Once you have scheduled the test date, the first step ideally to be taken is to familiarize with the associated test objectives and content for the test to be taken. You may follow the link to get a list of MTEL test objectives available in PDF versions-
  2. Information Booklets: The Information booklet is your bible. It gives you a detailed picture of the content, structure and format of the test. It also includes the varied tips and strategies on how to prepare for the test in addition to developing an outline for your study along with sample tests questions with answer key and responses to give you a bird’s eye view of what you can expect on the day of the test. You may follow the link for more information –
  3. Practice Tests: For effective preparation, practice tests play a very significant role. They give you hands on experience about the test in addition to help you to improvise your weaknesses by showing your standing. Practice tests become even more beneficial when you take it to answer it just as how you would take the actual test; this includes the duration of the test time which should be limited to 4 hours.
  4. CBT Tutorials: A crucial part of your preparation, the computer-based test tutorials give the candidate a virtual feeling of the MTEL test taken at a Pearson Professional Centre, including a seven-minute video to view a test room. This not only helps the educator in knowing the centre and the test well beforehand but also gives an opportunity to the candidate to gain an experience of using an on-screen calculator, entering special characters and also typing in an essay box. Please follow the link to download your Interactive CBT tutorial:
  5. Test Preparation Video: An ideal friend to every MTEL candidate, the test preparation video is designed with an ideology to assist a candidate by providing varied strategies and tips to ace the test. It also gives a helping-hand by describing how to use the varied study tools available on the official website of the test. You may follow the link for the video tour –

The official website also offers a faculty guide in order to assist the educator preparation program faculty. This guide also helps the candidate to understand the test content and prepare for the test by using practice test modules with answer options.

In addition to the varied study tools offered by the official website, Massachusetts higher education institutions offer a resourceful list of test preparation courses as outlined by the test objectives. However, it is strongly advisable that you contact the respective institutions for appropriate schedules and costs for each course. You may follow the website to gather all the details for the same- These MTEL courses are designed to be your guide but always remember to follow the official test website as your official source to prepare for your tests.