MTEL Physics Test

4 Important Points Related to MTEL Physics

To understand the world encompassing us, the world within us and the mysterious world beyond us, one needs to have a deeper knowledge of the subject Physics. With concepts like string theory, relativity, motion and lot more, many great inventions and discoveries were made that changed the face of human life and the world. If you have the burning desire to perpetuate your knowledge in learning about technical advancements and wish to impart the same knowledge to your students, then you are required to take the Physics exam of MTEL.

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) is conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to evaluate your knowledge expertise about the subject in addition to efficient communication skills. Candidates are required to demonstrate their subject expertise and proficiency in communication with students, parents, guardians and their co-faculty. Once you clear the Physics test, you will be rewarded with an educator’s license and fulfil your desire of training prekindergarten to grade 12 students in the state of Massachusetts.

What is MTEL?

MTEL is a computer-based test grounded on objectives and reference criteria that aim to measure a candidate’s potential to teach and impart knowledge to the students in a diverse range of subjects. Candidates are judged based on their literacy and language skills by means of comprehensive reading, writing and clear speech. The test is categorised into four types namely;

  1. Communications and Literacy Skills Test
  2. Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests that include Physics as a subject matter subtest
  3. Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
  4. Adult Basic Education Test

4 Important Factors about MTEL Physics

The Physics test is explicitly aligned with the relevant Massachusetts licensure specifications to measure the aspirant’s understanding & subject knowledge expertise in order to be rewarded with the Massachusetts Physics educator license.

  1. Test Structure for MTEL Physics:
    • 100 multiple-choice questions with four options to choose from.
    • 2 open-response questions
    • The duration of the subtest is 4 hours.
  2. Test Content of MTEL Physics: The test comprises 80% of multiple-choice and 20% of open response questions based on Integration of Knowledge & Understanding in the topics namely:
    1. Nature of Science include 1-5 questions
    2. Force and Motion include 6-8 questions
    3. Energy, Momentum and Heat Transfer include 9-11 questions
    4. Electricity and Magnetism include 12-15 questions
    5. Waves, Sound and Light include 16-19 questions
    6. Modern Physics include 20-22 questions
  3. Provision for Candidates:
    • Scientific calculator with functions useful for the test. Therefore, no outside calculator is allowed.
    • The test administration sheet contains the important constants & formulae. Conversely, the advantage here is that the candidate has all the needed formulae handy while taking the test.
  4. Score reports for the Physics subject matter subtest can be accessed for 45 days on the official website as per the listed score report date. However, scores for English and History are available within five weeks of the test date. You may visit

Preparing For the MTEL Physics Subject Matter Subtest

  • Test Objectives: At the onset of your preparatory study for Physics test, you must get accustomed with the foundation of the test, the test objectives. You may follow the link for the PDF version:
  • Test Information Booklets: These are self-explanatory books equipped with the study material including detailed understanding of the test content, sample questions in multiple-choice and open-response formats along with the answer key in addition to tips & strategies designed for successful study. You may follow the link for more information:
  • Practice Test: This is a study tool that will benefit you immensely in your test preparation. It not only helps you by giving hands-on experience of the test with sample questions but also gives you know-how of your standing in the test by displaying your strengths and weaknesses. It provides a great scope for improvement. You may follow the link to download the Physics practice test:
  • Study Guides for MTEL Physics:
    1. MTEL Physics 11 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide- by Sharon A Wynne
    2. MTEL Physics Sample Test 11 by Sharon A Wynne
    3. MTT – Physics Sample Test (XAM MTEL) by Xamonline
  • Varied lists of preparatory courses offered by the Massachusetts Higher Education institutions are designed exclusively to help the candidates to prepare for Physics test. The list is available on the website of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education However, for the updated costs and respective details you may need to contact the institutions.