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Deadlines for MTEL

As an educator for school students, one holds a great responsibility towards providing effective teaching to growing children. What students learn in school, forms the foundation of their life and career. Also, a teacher plays an important role in their development of interests and enthusiasm towards school subjects. Hence, becoming an educator requires a high level of commitment and understanding of the work demands.

How does one prepare oneself for such a career of great importance? If you want to work as a teacher in the state of Massachusetts, you need to qualify for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). The test program includes a few qualifying tests that you need to pass before you can receive the teacher license.

As many candidates apply for the Massachusetts educator license every year, you need to check the availability of preferred dates and test centers at your earliest.

What do you need to know about the test dates? Most of the exams are provided in the paper-based format while a few can be taken as a computer-based test as well. However, you need to understand that the availability of dates and registration processes varies between the two.

Test Dates and Deadlines for Paper-Based Tests:

The paper-based tests are offered only on specific dates of the year and in fact, only around 5 times in a year though all the tests can be taken on all dates. Therefore, it is critical to register for the paper-based tests well in advance before the given deadline.

Registration Deadlines:

  • In general, the test registration closes approximately 43 days before the test date. This deadline is called the ‘Regular Registration Deadline’.
  • An extended deadline which is approximately 22 days before the test date is referred to as the ‘Late Registration Deadline’. In order to process your test registration by the late registration deadline, you are required to pay an additional fee.
  • Deadline relaxation for candidates who are in an emergency to take a test is provided, that is, registration is open until 8 days before the test date. This deadline is called the ‘Emergency Registration Deadline’. An extra fee is required to register by the emergency registration deadline as well.

Information regarding paper-based test dates and their respective deadlines can be checked through this link:

Test Sessions:

The paper-based tests are conducted both in the morning and afternoon sessions though not all the tests are available in both sessions. Each test is offered either in the morning session (7.45 a.m.–12.30 p.m.) or in the afternoon session (1.15 p.m.-6.00 p.m.). The webpage provides information on test sessions for each test. Also, you can opt to take one or two tests on a single test date.

Alternative Test Date:

If your religious practices do not allow you to take tests on Saturdays, you can request for an alternative test date. However, alternative test dates are available only in two test areas; namely Boston area and Central Mass area where tests are offered on Sundays following the scheduled Saturday dates.

Test Dates and Deadlines for Computer-Based Tests:

Computer-based tests are available throughout the year except on Sundays and a few holidays. Nevertheless, it is advisable to register for the test as early as possible. There are no deadlines for test registration though registration process cannot be completed if you do not register at least three days prior to the test date.

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Alternative Test Dates:

As computer-based testing is available on all days except Sundays, the test dates that are registered on Saturdays can be re-scheduled for religious reasons, without the necessity of a request submission.

Being aware of the importance of registering for the test in advance, your first priority soon after deciding to take the tests, must be to confirm the availability of test dates. This helps you to plan a realistic test preparation schedule and also acts as a motivation to make your best efforts for the tests.