Vocabulary in MCAT

Why and How to Prepare for MCAT Vocabulary

The MCAT test allows students to display their abilities and skills through their scores. Medical colleges and schools judge a student’s ability through the consideration of his MCAT score as the test screens students for abilities that are pre-requisite to the study of medicine. This test has four sections of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Writing Sample. Preparation for the test requires much concentration and effort on the part of the of the test taker. The vocabulary is not an individual test section. However if you are familiar with the common lists of words you will be familiar with the diction used on the test as well as know the meaning of what you are being asked. Most high achievers on the MCAT test will suggest that you familiarize yourself with vocabulary lists. Such lists help you prepare for the test by increasing your understanding of new words and concepts.

    • Why You Should Prepare for MCAT Vocabulary: The subject matter to be studied for the MCAT test is vast. A student is not directly tested for vocabulary. If you are familiar with the most common words on the lists you will easily be able to understand the questions you are asked on the test. The Verbal Reasoning section tests a student’s abilities to understand, analyze and interpret information that is provided. Such analysis requires thorough understanding of the content provided as well as clarity of language to express opinion. This is why vocabulary lists should be used by all test takers so they can ensure good preparedness for the test.
  • How You Should Prepare for MCAT Vocabulary: There are online publications available to aid students in preparing for vocabulary in MCAT. Some  lists are available to test takers for free while others are available at a nominal price. Since there are many vocabulary lists published by various tutoring associations you should ensure that you pick prep material that is authentic and credible. A website called English Test Net provides free online resources for test takers to learn words from vocabulary lists as well as lets them test their vocabulary through mock tests. To read more about preparation materials visit http://www.english-test.net/mcat/vocabulary/words/018/mcat-definitions.php. There are various other online prep materials available for vocabulary prep. You can find these by using your local online search engine.

Preparing for the MCAT test depends upon how hard you are willing to work. With the right determination and the right guidance you will be able to crack the test in the first attempt. Preparation through lists will increase your knowledge of the words that will appear in the test. This in-turn eases off the pressure of wasting time pondering over questions that you have not understood. Other  prep material is available in the form of downloads as well as test prep books. You can pick the best mode of studying to suit your needs. Some students choose to sign up for dedicated coaching classes for vocabulary so that they can study for the test in a better manner. Once you have the right material along with a study-plan that will help you learn all the study matter in a stipulated time, you will be all set to get the ball rolling. All other important information regarding test sections and questions types along with sample writing prompts are available on the official website. To read more about the same visit https://www.aamc.org/students/applying/mcat/preparing/. You will do well on the test if you know what to expect from day one and give it your best shot.