Locations for MCAT

How to Select MCAT Test Locations?

The MCAT exam is conducted in many locations all over the U.S, Canada and in some locations in Asian, African, European, Australian and the Middle East countries. The choice of the test locations plays a significant role in making your test experience a pleasant one. You will have to register for the test as early as possible before the registration deadline in order to get the test location and test date of your choice.

When you register for the test via the AAMC’s official website http://www.aamc.org/students/mcat/registration.htm, you will be asked to choose the test location and test date out of a given list. If for any reason you want to change the already registered test center, you can reschedule it through the ‘MCAT Scheduling & Registration System’ option available in the AAMC’s website. You can reschedule the test center and date only before the registration deadline during the current year. Remember you will have to pay additional fees for rescheduling the test location or test date. Moreover, you may get the preferred test center and test date only if they are available.

A Few Tips to Choose MCAT Test Locations

You can consider the tips given below in order to choose the best test center for you:

How to Search for the Test Locations?

Go the AAMC’s website link http://services.aamc.org/20/mcat/sitelisting to search for the list of test locations and their addresses for the country you select. Choose and note down three to four test sites out of the list based on your preference. Go to the ‘MCAT Scheduling & Registration System’ option available in the AAMC’s website to check for the availability of seats for your desired test date in the chosen test sites. Based on that, choose one of the test sites that suit you the most. Register for the center immediately to avoid missing it.

How to Choose the Best Test Locations for MCAT?

You can choose the centers for the test by considering the following two factors:

  1. Distance of the Test Site from Your Location When you are asked to choose the test location, make sure that your choice is one of the best locations for you. The test center becomes the best for you if it is near to your location. It is better to choose a location that is easy to reach from your living place.
  2. Availability of the Desired Test Date for the Test Location Choose a test site that has seats available for your preferred test date. Log into the ‘MCAT Scheduling & Registration System’ and list the centers that have seats available for the test date you desire. Choose one of the test locations out of the list that is near to you.

How to Choose the MCAT Test Location If I Do Not Get a Desired Location?

If a test location of your choice is not available or if the number of seats available for a test location is completely filled, you can choose one of the available locations whichever is the most near to you. You can also choose a distant location if desired location is not available for a desired test date.

After you register for the test, try to visit the test center a few days before your test, if possible. This can help you to judge the travelling time required to reach the test center from your place. Of course, this is possible only if you have registered for a neighboring location. If you are lucky enough to register for a test on a desired test date and a nearby test location, you can avoid the stress associated with travelling. Moreover, you can save the money needed for travelling to far-flung test sites.

Choose a test site that is flexible and convenient for you. However, remember that the choice of test location and test date does not play a role in your test score. Whatever may be your choice, it is your duty to prepare well for the test to get a better score. Remember to carry a valid government issued ID proof and personal medical items with you to the test center on the day of your test.