MCAT Prep Courses

MCAT Prep Courses for Different Types of Students

Each individual is different from the others and has got different capabilities. The strengths and weaknesses of an individual also differ from the others. Some may have strong problem solving skills, others may be good at remembering things. So, a common preparation course for MCAT is not enough to meet different individual’s needs. Most of the  courses claim to offer a customized or personalized learning program tailored to meet individual needs.

MCAT Prep Courses for Different Types of Students

Prep 101( The institute can be contacted at: Suite 600-344 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3A7, Phone: 416-907-4404 (Toronto), 1-877-878-0882 (Outside Toronto), If you are a person, who needs special guidance, then PREP 101 offers the correct preparation courses. The institute provides an individual study guide which contains 24 practice questions, which the student needs to read and complete from home. The 2-hour long class contains 1-hour lecture, which explains the important concepts concerning each chapter, followed by exercises. The next 1-hour is divided for taking a 30-minute practice test, which is then reviewed by the tutor. You are provided with assignments which include practice questions from workbooks. The institute provides Strategy and Skills Workshop which empowers you with various test-taking techniques like mapping passages, elimination policy, time management etc. The institute also provides online classes and lectures for those who are not able to attend the classroom schedule. It also provides one-to-one tutoring classes, for those students who study well with the help of a personal tutor.

The Princeton Review ( – The institute is located at 111 Speen St # 550, Framingham, MA 01701-2090, United States, Phone: +1 508-663-5050. The institute provides different types of preparation courses to meet the needs of different types of students.

MCAT Tutoring– If you are a person who feels comfortable learning under the guidance of an expert personal tutor, then MCAT tutoring is the best course for you.

Small Group Instruction– If you are happy with learning in the company of others, the Small Group Instruction course suits you. The class strength is limited to 4 students and the instructions are provided by an expert tutor.

MCAT Hyperlearning– If you fall in to the category of the studious and hardworking type, then MCAT hyperlearning is the best course for you. It provides with 105 hours of live instructions, 19 full-length practice tests and 150+ hours of additional online practice.

Ultimate MCAT– If you are a person who literally eats, drinks, sleeps and breathes MCAT then, Ultimate test is designed for you. It provides an atmosphere similar to a boot camp because you will be learning on all the seven days of the week- for six whole weeks.

MCAT LiveOnline– If you are a busy person and don’t have time to attend a coaching class then, MCAT LiveOnline provides classes on your computer. The course contents are similar to the Hyperlearning course.

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Ivy Global Advantage classes are available at Canada (1-800-470-2995), Toronto (416-225-4242), Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, London, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Montreal.

It provides a learning environment where the class size is limited to 8 students. This provides better teacher-student interaction and thus leads to better understanding of the concepts. The classes are taken by the best tutors who were the top scorers of their times. The course structure is designed in such a way to familiarize you with the different concepts, on how to avoid the common repeatable mistakes and provides a systematic way of study for getting a good score. The course material is designed to meet individual needs and each student is given a personal feedback. The students are also provided with diagnostic tests and full-length practice tests. It provides two types of courses: MCAT Complete (80 hours), this makes the student familiar with all the concepts involved in all the subjects. MCAT Strategy (32 hours), it deals mainly with how to approach a problem and solve it. This course equips the students with the different strategies needed to take the test.

Different institutes offer different types of preparation courses; it is up to you to decide which type of courses you would like to join. Joining preparation courses will surely help in getting a better score.