MCAT Test Registration

MCAT is conducted 22 times in a year. However, it is impossible to take the test without registering for it. The test’s registration is as essential as preparation. In fact, registration is an important part of preparation for the test. It is done through the official web site of Association of American Medical Colleges. You can take the test three times in a year, but you will have to get registration done separately for each time you take the test.

How and When to Register

For registration you must have the minimum eligibility requirements. It requires you to have studied subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology and English in your pre-medical school. This is required because you are tested for these subjects in the test.

The test registration is done online, whereas walk-in registration is not permitted. It can be done electronically through the official web site, which is You must choose the date when you wish to take the test at the time of registration. You should make it a point to choose the date according to the requirements of the institute that you wish to join. Your date of test should be chosen such that you receive the result before the admissions to the colleges close. You will also be required to confirm your willingness to join a particular medical school by accepting to the conditions given in a statement. Along with the date you can choose the test center of your choice as well.

Registration is opened eight to twelve weeks before a test date. You must register for the test before the deadline is over. The registrations generally close two weeks before the test date. If you register for the test early, you can expect to get the center of your choice. In case you are late, you might not get the center that is convenient for you. Also, you are recommended to get the registration done as early as possible to avoid any last minute hassles and late registration fee.

Special Permission for MCAT

In case you wish to take the test for reasons other than joining a medical college or if you are already enrolled in a medical college and wish to appear for the test, you need to take special permission for the same. You need to forward your request through e-mail to giving your reasons for it. You will receive a response to your request in the next 5 working days.

Special Accommodations for MCAT

There is a special facility offered for the disabled whereby they are offered special accommodations. To benefit form this facility, you need to apply for it while the registration is being done along with the required documents of disability. It takes about 60 days to process your application for this purpose. That is why it is advisable to apply for it as soon as possible. You will receive a written notification for your request after which you will be required to confirm your registration as per the required procedure.

Registration Fee

You need to pay for taking the test while registering for it. The regular registration fee is $210. Once you initiate the process of registration, you cannot stop it by declining the registration fees. You can pay for the test registration by giving your credit card details. Any one of either MasterCard or VISA credit card payable in US funds is acceptable.

In case you miss the deadline of the regular registration, you can get registered for it on payment of a fine. An extra fee of $50 is taken for late registration. Also in case you are requesting for an international test site, you will have to pay $60 in addition to the regular fee.

In case you want to change the date or the center that you have chosen during the registration, you can do so by paying an extra fine for the same. A sum of $ 50 is charged for a change in date, and the same is levied for any change made in the center previously allotted.

Fee Assistance Program

There is a fee assistance program especially designed to facilitate the students of lower income groups in the US. For those who find it difficult to pay the high fees required for the test, AAMC offers its fee assistance program. Thus the students are not required to pay the complete test fee and are given concession for the same. They can get registration done for a sum of $85 instead of the regular $210.

To be able to avail this facility, you are required to meet the requirements set by the US Department of Health and Human Services poverty-level guidelines. You must get an approval of your fee assistance program before registration. To get an approval, you are required to submit an application to the AAMC. Your application will then be processed and the credentials checked for authenticity.

You can benefit from this program for 5 calendar years. This is done so that other students eligible for it are also able to benefit from the fee assistance program.