MCAT Formulas

MCAT Formulas for Better Test Taking and Where to Find Them

Most medical school applicants come under heavy pressure as they gear up for MCAT at the onset of the calendar year. MCAT is said to be a high stake exam as it is equivalent to other graduate level exams. When you prepare yourself for the exam, you shall have to do it in accordance with the subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The other sections are verbal reasoning and writing for which you need to devote a good deal of time. For subjects like Physics, Biology and Chemistry, you need to know the formulas of the test like the back of your hand.

MCAT Formulas for Better MCAT Scores

It’s not difficult to summarize how formulas of MCAT can help you to perform better in the test and keep you one step ahead of others, if you have good knowledge of them. In fact in some cases, these test formulas help you to take the exam in a much better way than you had expected. These formulas also help you to resolve complex problems of Physics and Chemistry within a few minutes. During your preparation, you can prepare your own list of selected formulas and memorize them one by one. Take a printout of the  formulas list for different subjects and paste it on your wall or study table where it will be in front of your eyes. In that way, you shall be able to revise and memorize them over and over again, even when you are not studying. Beside these, you can also make a list of all the important chemical reactions and hang them on to your wall in a similar fashion. The more you get familiar with these test formulas, the more you will be at ease in solving complex problems in the exam. Knowing the test’s formulas is also an easy way to lessen the burden and anxiety of impending exam.

MCAT Formulas-Why Are They So Important and How to Find Them

Having a list of formulas for MCAT with you is beneficial for solving all types of complex problems in the test. If you want to perform well in the test, you can’t avoid learning the formulas by heart. It might take some time, but once you are done, you shall be able to solve complex problems of Physics and Chemistry within a few minutes. That is what makes formulas of MCAT an indispensable component of a medical school aspirant. Many students tend to panic when they face complex problems in the exam. This is simply because they have not spent enough time in learning the test formulas. Test formulas along with the reactions should be used wisely while answering the questions in the exam. It’s no wonder, why students of humanities on an average are better scorers in subjects like Biology as they mug up the formulas quite easily. It’s advisable to download the formulas list from the internet and keep a copy of the printout along with your study books. At first, you can start looking at them and start solving the problems from practise test sheets. Once you know them by heart, you can put the list aside and continue working on the problems on your own. If you happen to be in a TPR course, you might have a pre-set list of formulas for each subjects like; physics and g-chem. There is also an associated list which contains all important o-chem reactions. There are several different sources online from where you will be able to download formulas and take a printout. One such place is and you will be able to download the formulas list from the site directly without having to pay. Another place from where you can download the formulas list is…092/frmlas.pdf. Or you can try , You can also download the list of formulas necessary for the test from “Jump Start MCAT” is also a good book with an assorted list of important formulas for the exams which you can buy for your reference.