Details About the Cost of LSAT

How Much do you Pay and Why?

LSAT is a test that is taken by students across the globe for securing admission in law schools that are located in United States and Canada. The students can take this test in the centres specified by LSAC. The test is held four times during a year and although they are required to take this test by December for taking admission in the following autumn season, it is often recommended that the students should take this test earlier. As a matter of fact, taking the test in June or September will allow them to have room for improvement as far as the scores are concerned.

By taking this test, the students are able to demonstrate their ability to tackle complex arguments that are required during the legal proceedings. The following sections are included in LSAT:

  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing Section
  • Variable Section

Cost of the test:

Those students who are interested to take the test for getting admission in law schools should pay the fees by following the fee structure that is advised by LSAC. There are two separate fee schedules that are available in the official website. Along with a basic fee, the students are required to pay for the Credential Assembly Service. This service facilitates the students through a streamline process, wherein they should submit the transcripts (of undergraduate, graduate professional and LSAT), the letters of recommendation and the assessments. All this is complied by LSAC to be sent to the law schools in which a student has applied. The students should pay the required amounts to LSAC for all these procedures.

Fee structure for LSAT in United States and CAS

There is one fee structure or schedule that is meant for USA and the Credential assembly service or CAS. Please find the respective fee structure below:

    • There are two different categories for which the payments should be made: Basic and Auxiliary fees. The payments should be made in checks and money orders that are payable to the Law School Admission Council in US or Canadian dollars by those students who register by mail.
    • Those students who opt for online registration should make payments through VISA, Master Cards, DISCOVER credit cards and American Express cards wherein the payments will be charged in US dollars.
    • The students should never pay in cash or foreign currencies. For LSAT and CAS, the students should pay $139 and $124 respectively, which is included in the category of basic fees.
    • The Auxiliary Fees include money to be paid towards cost of LSAT and taken for late registration ($68), changes for test centre ($35), and changes for test date ($68), Handscoring and form registrant report ($42), law school reports ($16) and charges towards returned checks ($35).
    • Beside this, the students should also pay $25 as one-time charges towards LSAT score, activity updates, optional paper copies of LSAT ticket and Master Law School report and activity updates for holders of online accounts.
    • The domestic and international students should pay $252 and $335 respectively for non-published test centres.
    • Lastly, the students should pay refund charges of $48 for cancellation of registration for LSAT and CAS. However, the applicants should note that only a part of the fees aid towards this purpose shall be refunded due to the costs that are incurred during this process. Processing of the applications is unavoidable because of huge volumes of applications that are submitted every year.

Fee structure for LSAT Canada and CAS

The next fee structure and cost of LSAT is applicable to Canada and Credential Assembly Service:

    • There are two different categories for which the payments should be made: Basic and Auxiliary fees. While the methods of payment remain same as above, the students are not required to pay for the CAS. For online registration, the payments can be made through the cards and the amount is charged in US dollars.
    • LSAC does not accept cash or foreign currency.
    • For Basic fees of LSAT, the students should pay $144 to the authorities.
    • The Auxiliary fees are payable towards late registration ($71), changes for test centre ($36), and changes for test date ($71), Handscoring and form registrant report ($44), and charges towards returned checks ($36).
    • The students should also pay $27 as one-time charges towards LSAT score, LSAT ticket and activity updates for holders of online accounts.
    • The domestic and international students should pay $262 and $338 respectively for non-published test centres.
    • The refund charges of $50 are to be paid for cancellation of LSAT registration, but the fees are refunded only partly because of the same reasons as stated above.

Fee Waivers

The fee waivers are subject to the fulfilment of specific conditions and guidelines that are published by LSAC and for more information regarding this, the students should refer to within the two year waiver period. However, the fee waiver intends to facilitate equal opportunities for students who are trying to secure admission in law schools owing to lack of financial resources.


The applicants for LSAT should know about the cost for taking this test and pay the fees for all the categories of this examination by adhering to the regulations of LSAC. Although, fee waivers are also available for the students, they should check whether they are fulfilling the conditions that are required for this purpose.