Locations for Taking the ISEE

How to Choose the ISEE Test Location

Before you register for the ISEE exam, you must review all the details regarding the area from which the test is to be taken. Thereafter, your choice of a suitable location will be made easier. This article concentrates on the key aspects regarding the choice of location, thus helping you decide on one that is convenient to you and your child.

The 4 Key Things to Review While Choosing test Centers:

  1. Types of ISEE Test Locations

    There are 3 categories of test centers; namely, ERB Testing offices, Group and Individual test sites, where your child could take the ISEE test. Each of these types of locations is described below:

    • ERB Testing Offices: ERB’s main testing office is located in New York and there are other offices across the U.S. and all around the world. Small Group or Individual tests may be scheduled at these offices. Apart from its own offices, ERB has recently partnered with Prometric Inc. (a subsidiary of the ETS organization) to provide several convenient Prometric places across the globe. At Prometric offices, the ISEE can be taken only as a computer-based test. It must also be noted that these centers are not dedicated for ISEE applicants only, but for applicants of various admission and assessment tests. The advantages of Prometric centers are greater flexibility in test schedules and more number of test locations (therefore, greater availability of seats).
    • Group Test Sites: These are test centers wherein a group of schools come together to provide a common testing environment and framework for the ISEE applicants, who are applying to one or more of the participating schools. Hence, these centers (aka Consortium test centers) provide “Large group tests”, wherein a large number of students take the test at a particular time.
    • Individual Test Sites: Some charter and private schools conduct ISEE tests in their own campus and such centers are referred to as Individual Test sites. These places are further categorized as “Open” or “Closed” test sites, depending on whether they allow students from other schools to take the test at their campus or not. Such testing sites may have limited testing windows or dates in an academic year and hence, the availability of seats in these sites is also limited.

    To get a list of the above-mentioned test centers, along with their contact details, you may review the ISEE Student Guide at – http://erblearn.org/uploads/media_items/isee-student-guide-2012-2013.original.pdf.

  2. Testing Schedules:

    The schedules vary with test locations, since ERB does not mandate a uniform testing schedule across all of them. Hence, the testing dates and availability of seats in each test location may vary greatly based on their individual rules and registration deadlines. However, every center will generally have a fixed schedule and associated registration deadlines that will be published either in the ISEE student guide or will be available upon request. It is important to note that during registration, the testing date will always be allotted on a first-cum-first-served basis and hence, the date that you have requested will be awarded to you based on the availability of seats.

  3. Geography of ISEE Test Centres:

    In the U.S, there are currently about 10 ERB testing locations in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Connecticut and Florida. Apart from this, ERB testing offices are located in 3 international sites; namely, South Korea, China and Turkey. Moreover, dozens of Prometric centers are available in the U.S and across the globe. There are scores of consortium and individual centers available in key cities across the different states in the U.S. Hence, finding asite that is near your town or city should not be a very difficult task.

  4. Testing Accommodations:

    The parents of students who have a learning or physical challenge must consider those places that provide special arrangements. Most ERB offices provide special accommodations upon request. For a list of test centers that offer these facilities, you may refer to the ISEE student guide. It is important to request for these arrangements during registration and provide all the supporting documentation on time, so that you may get an appointment without any delay.

  5. Fees and Test Format

    The fees structure and format (paper-based or computer-based) may vary across various states. Hence, you must be sure to review this information from the ISEE student guide or by directly contacting the locations of your choice.

So far, we have reviewed all the key aspects regarding locations of this test. Reviewing these key considerations will help you choose the right place for taking ISEE for your child. Before you go ahead with the registration, be sure to verify all the information regarding the test center of your choice to avoid any last minute glitches.