The Best Dates for the ISEE

How to Choose the Best Time to Take ISEE?

There are several dates available for the ISEE examinees to take this test. These are confirmed by the candidates and testing authorities at the time of registration for this test. Testing centres decide upon the dates on which to conduct the ISEE for students who want to appear for this examination. A list of the testing centres and the dates on which the ISEE is available, can be found in the official ISEE Student Guide ( and the Educational Records Bureau’s online registration website ( One has to choose a suitable appointment for taking the ISEE from those available. lSEE registration is entertained for 2 weeks before the day on which students would like to take the ISEE. However, this requires one to pay a late fee for late registration. Hence, it is advisable that you register for the ISEE well in advance.

How to Choose the Best Time to Take the ISEE?

Choosing a proper schedule of test is aimed at maximizing the performance of the examinees taking this examination. Presented below are some tips in this direction that one can consider before finalizing an itinerary:

  1. There is no single date that can be standardized as the best one for taking this examination – A variety of flexible schedule is available for students to take this examination, and one should choose the most suitable one among them. There is no single appointment that can be suitable for all examinees, and hence cannot be designated as the best one for ISEE.
  2. ISEE can be taken throughout the year – The appointments for this test are available throughout the year, with the frequency increasing in the fall and winter months. You could take the examination during these months, when the weather is favourable, and you can concentrate well on your work, rather than in the summer months, when the weather is hot and unfavourable for taking the test comfortably.
  3. ISEE can be taken at a centre that has a number of test date options – One can choose a test center for ISEE, which offers the test on various dates, as this will give you a choice to select one of your liking from those given. Opting for a location that does not have many dates to choose from, will not give you this flexibility.
  4. Best time to retake ISEE is after 6 months – If you have appeared for ISEE once, and want to appear for it again, the best time would be for you to appear for it after six months, when the testing authorities will consider sending your scores again to the schools in which you want to seek admission. The testing authorities will not send your score report to schools, if you appear for this examination within the restricted six months. Your examination fee will also not be refunded to you, if you appear for this test within that period.
  5. Fix your ISEE appointment after you are completely prepared for this examination, rather than studying for it after finalizing on the date – As the test schedule can be fixed throughout the year, one can opt for finalizing on a test date after completely preparing for this examination; otherwise, you may not be completely prepared with your study on the day of your ISEE examination. The appointment that you choose should also be the one on which you do not have any other commitments, so that you can relax well before appearing for this test and remain calm even while taking it. Having too many tasks to do on the day of your ISEE will distract you from your goal of concentrating on this examination and performing well in it.


The itinerary of ISEE should be chosen with a lot of planning and should not be selected hastily. Spend some time trying to assess the pros and cons of selecting a particular date for appearing for ISEE. Try to recall if you have any commitments on the day of the examination or before it; if so, schedule your test on the day on which you are free from all commitments, as appearing for this test in a calm frame of mind is important for performing well in it.