Important Features of ISEE Results

4 Important Aspects of the ISEE Results

The results of ISEE refer to the outcome of the performance of students in the test. They are declared, mainly, in the form of the scores obtained by the students in different sections, and documented on paper and electronically. The scorecard is called Individual Score Report (ISR). The scores are sent by the test administration authorities to the student’s address, and to six different schools for admission. The results can be sent to additional schools, upon request, by the payment of an additional fee to the ISEE test administration authorities.

Four Important Aspects of ISEE Results

Discussed below are the 4 important aspects of the results:

  1. ISEE ScoresThey are declared in the form of different types of scores:
    1. Raw Scores- These scores are obtained by directly calculating the number of correct answers a student has given in response to the test questions.
    2. Scaled Scores- Scaled scores, ranging from 760-940, are awarded to the students. These are based on the raw scores.
    3. Percentile Scores- The report contains percentile scores that are used to rank a student taking the test. These scores are calculated with reference to the ISEE norm group, i.e. the norms defined for students who have appeared in this exam, in the same Level, for the past 3 years.
    4. Stanine Score- This score is used to assess the performance of a student, on a scale of 9 dimensions.
  2. Interpretation of ResultsThe minimum score required to obtain admission in a given school, by a student, varies from school to school. Hence, there is no standard score which can be defined as the minimum score at which all schools will grant admission to the students applying for admission. One has to contact individual schools in order to know their “cut-off” percentiles for granting admission. However, it is not true that all schools will lay the same importance on the scores. There are other factors also that influence the decision of a school regarding granting admission to a student applying for admission. For example, the emotional intelligence and recommendations of a student may be very impressive, influencing the decision of the test administrators for granting admission to that student. Alongside, it is understood that it may take more than a single academic examination to test the overall intelligence of a student. Hence, other factors are also considered while granting admission to students by colleges.
  3. How to Obtain Your ResultsIt will be mailed to you. However, you can also obtain them via phone and email, by paying an additional charge at the time of registration.
  4. Improving your ResultsYour scores will be impressive if you perform well in this examination. Given below are some ways in which you can improve your performance in the test:
    1. Fix your test date with good planning- The date on which you fix your ISEE attempt is of utmost importance, as you will be delivering all that you have learned. You should not attempt this test without proper preparation. Hence, it is better to fix the date of your examination only when you are completely prepared for it, not before that.
    2. Take the guidance of experts- Your attempt will be recognized if you prepare for this examination under the guidance of test experts, who will guide you in selecting and following the correct study material and strategies for being successful in this examination.
    3. Set daily  goals and meet them- You should set study goals everyday in the morning and positively meet them at the end of the day. This will ensure consistency in your efforts to achieve good results in the test.
    4. Always maintain a motivated and positive disposition- To achieve commendable scores one should always maintain mental calmness and positivity, as these traits help to increase brain power, which is very important for tackling questions of any competitive examination efficiently.


The scores of ISEE are received by the students in a couple of weeks of their appearing for the examination. However, as this examination is conducted worldwide, it may take a longer time for some  result transcripts to reach the students who appeared for them.