Options to Prepare for the ISEE

Choosing the Best Method for ISEE Prep

The Independent School of Entrance Exam (ISEE) is created by Educational Records Bureau (ERB) which is a powerful screening tool that identifies a student’s potential and weaknesses. Many private day schools and boarding schools across United States accept the ISEE test during their admission process.

Since this test is an important deciding factor for a student’s career in schooling, it is important to be informed and prepared for the same. There are many options for preparation available offline and online. However, students should select only those options which would fulfill their personal requirements for the ISEE test.

ISEE Prep Options:

  1. Preparing through ISEE Study Guides:There are many study guides available for the ISEE test which can be accessed online or can be purchased from certain bookstores. These guides are useful since they have many successful strategies mentioned to solve all test sections and also contain practice sessions through which students can be prepared for the exam.
  2. Preparing through Special Courses:There are some special online programs created for students. These programs include video tutorials, practice tests, test reviews and provide helpful techniques to solve the ISEE test. Many parents/guardians prefer this option since it provides study resources as well. Some of the prominent programs available for preparation are the Private School Exam (http://www.privateschoolexam.com/?hop=feedity), Tutor4exam (http://tutor4exam.com/sign_up_for_isee_prep.html) and Testing is Easy (http://www.testingiseasy.com/category/isee/). However, it is important for you to know that these are paid resources.
  3. Preparing through ISEE Practice Tests:Another method of preparing for this test is by solving numerous practice tests. By doing so, the students can get a fair idea of what their current score is and prepare for the test’s sections accordingly. Alongside, solving ISEE sample papers would enable them to get familiar with the test’s pattern. Some free tests can be availed online from:

Important Points to Consider while Selecting ISEE Prep Options:

  1. It is important to check for the user ratings and reviews mentioned by students who have already used similar resources and then invest.
  2. It is essential to compare the ISEE syllabus provided by ERB with the study material you have chosen before purchasing it.
  3. It is suggested that you select recent publications of study guides and course material in order to be well-prepared.
  4. Always ensure that the course/program, study guide etc that you select for preparation has sufficient amount of sample questions and practice test papers.
  5. It is also suggested that you use a combination of different resources available than merely relying on a single study resource for enhancing your scores.

Since the result of this test is of high importance and is crucial in deciding the student’s future in school, it is important to select the right study resources and be well-prepared. It is also essential that students utilize all the options of preparation properly in order to pass this test with flying colors.